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Affiliate Marketing Success: Longevity vs. Turnover

affiliate marketing success

Building and maintaining your downline in affiliate marketing is all about balance. You must balance the work you put in to acquire new downline members and working with your existing downline members. Too much time spent on just one of these can results in an unhappy, uneducated downline and you struggling to create a system that creates residual affiliate income. Read on for ideas on how to balance your existing members, work towards longevity while avoiding turnover and achieve affiliate marketing success.


Relationships are the key to affiliate marketing success. Take the time to build a relationship with new affiliates in your downline. As these affiliates become more experienced, maintain this relationship even though they might not need as much guidance. Strong relationships will help downline members feel good about working with you and more likely to continue on in your downline.


When you have a question or an issue with a product you’ve purchased and you can easily reach out to the company who made it, how does that make you feel? How does it make you feel when you can’t reach that company? No matter if you’re selling widgets or an affiliate marketer, the ability to get support from those higher up is important. Provide support to your downline members when they need it. It will build trust and a stronger relationship.


Being a GDI affiliate is easy and manageable, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a learning curve. An educated affiliate is more likely to continue on your downline than one who doesn’t understand all of GDI’s benefits and services. That’s why GDI offers a Learning Bonus. New affiliates can qualify for this bonus, but experienced affiliates can benefit too. Study each item in the Learning Bonus checklist and make sure your downline knows them too.


Another way experienced affiliates can benefit from the Learning Bonus is its related offering, the Duplication Bonus. Experienced affiliates work towards their Duplication Bonus as each new member of their downline earns their Learning Bonus. Ideally, your downline has members in their downline too, make sure they know about this bonus to build and extended and educated downline.


Look at your downline not as people who are serving you, but as your team members. You achieve affiliate marketing success when your downline achieves success, so it’s in your best interest to ensure they are educated and happy. How do you do this? Become a great team leader. Offer support, advice and kudos when your team does well. A downline member who feels respected and supported is much more likely to stay in affiliate marketing.


Ready to Learn More About Affiliate Marketing with GDI?

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Learn More: Your Downline

Learn more about your downline


Are you new to Global Domains International? Have you had a .WS domain for a while but are now interested in the affiliate opportunity? Are you interested in joining GDI, but a little confused by some of the terminology? This is the right post for you. In this post we will cover exactly what a downline is, what it means to be in one and how they work with GDI.

Downline, Simply

GDI offers an affiliate marketing opportunity to all basic and premium GDI members. This means each person who signs on with GDI has an opportunity to earn commision when they share the opportunity with someone else. Each person who joins GDI as your referral becomes a member of your downline. The downline is simply those people who sign up underneath your sponsorship or down the line of the your sponsorship.

Sharing .WS

Many people need a website, but few have the opportunity to get that website and earn commissions for referrals to the same great service. GDI does just that. Each time you share GDI with someone and they become a paying affiliate and domain owner, they will be added to your downline and you will earn a commission.

Downline and Upline

If your downline members are the people who signed up “under” you, then what does that make you? As we explained above, this makes you their sponsor and upline. With GDI everyone has the opportunity to build income, so most  people will be an upline member to others while in the downline of their sponsor. You are in the downline of your sponsor, but are the upline of those referred and signed on “under you.” This is true for almost everyone working in affiliate marketing.

A Team Attitude

Understanding that you are simultaneously an upline and downline member should help you understand how important a team attitude is to succeeding with GDI. When you succeed, your upline members succeed and when your downline members succeed, you will succeed as well. No one creates success with GDI alone. Work to support your downline and learn from your upline to help you towards success.


Ready to Learn More About Affiliate Marketing with GDI?

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How to Offer Great Customer Service with a Busy Schedule

customer service


As a GDI affiliate, you have to opportunity to essentially run your own business. With this opportunity comes some unique responsibilities. GDI takes care of the product and keeping track of commissions, but it’s your job to provide customer service to your downline members and potential members. We understand that many people who are GDI affiliates also have another full or part time job, so offering customers service can be difficult. To help you offer the best customer service to your downline and keep team members, we’ve provided some time-saving customer service tips below. Read on for tips on how to offer great customer service to your downline in order to help them grow and be successful.

Decide What Kind Support You Will Provide

It’s very important to decide what kind of customer support you want to offer your downline as soon as contact begins. If you’d rather do business by phone, tell your prospects and downline members so they don’t waste their time sending an email that won’t get read by you. Deciding what kind of support you want to offer often depends on your availability. If you know you can’t be near the phone for calls from your downline, email might be best. If you think you are a better communicator over the phone than in text, provide your number to your downline members. Select a way of providing service and stick with it. You can, of course, offer support by email and phone if you have the availability.

Set a Schedule

Now that you have outlined how your downline can reach you, it’s important to let them know when they can reach you. GDI is a global opportunity, so some of your downline members may not be in the same time zone as you or a have very different schedules. Clarify with your downline members when the best time is for them to reach out to you–consider putting this information on your website or blog. Be sure to add what time zone you’re in, so members know what times might work best for both of you.

Offer “Office Hours”

Teachers often offer office hours–a time when students can come and meet with the teacher and ask questions without interruptions. While it may not be feasible for you to meet with your downline members, consider offering office hours. This time period of one to two hours could be a great opportunity for a conference call with your downline members where you share ideas and successes. Even consider using a tool like Skype or Google Hangouts to talk “face-to-face” with your downline members during office hours once a week. This is a great time to check in and brainstorm ideas.

Use Video and Blogs

Inevitably, your downline members may have a question and be unable to reach you. For these instances videos, informative blogs posts, and FAQs are a great option. If you get certain questions from your downline often, consider making a video or a blog posts that answers that question. As you make more of these, create an email or section of your website that shares answers to these frequently asked questions. Simply direct your downline to this page or email and see if they can help themselves. Follow up with an email or call when you can to make sure they got the answer they needed.