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Affiliate Marketing Success: Longevity vs. Turnover

affiliate marketing success

Building and maintaining your downline in affiliate marketing is all about balance. You must balance the work you put in to acquire new downline members and working with your existing downline members. Too much time spent on just one of these can results in an unhappy, uneducated downline and you struggling to create a system that creates residual affiliate income. Read on for ideas on how to balance your existing members, work towards longevity while avoiding turnover and achieve affiliate marketing success.


Relationships are the key to affiliate marketing success. Take the time to build a relationship with new affiliates in your downline. As these affiliates become more experienced, maintain this relationship even though they might not need as much guidance. Strong relationships will help downline members feel good about working with you and more likely to continue on in your downline.


When you have a question or an issue with a product you’ve purchased and you can easily reach out to the company who made it, how does that make you feel? How does it make you feel when you can’t reach that company? No matter if you’re selling widgets or an affiliate marketer, the ability to get support from those higher up is important. Provide support to your downline members when they need it. It will build trust and a stronger relationship.


Being a GDI affiliate is easy and manageable, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a learning curve. An educated affiliate is more likely to continue on your downline than one who doesn’t understand all of GDI’s benefits and services. That’s why GDI offers a Learning Bonus. New affiliates can qualify for this bonus, but experienced affiliates can benefit too. Study each item in the Learning Bonus checklist and make sure your downline knows them too.


Another way experienced affiliates can benefit from the Learning Bonus is its related offering, the Duplication Bonus. Experienced affiliates work towards their Duplication Bonus as each new member of their downline earns their Learning Bonus. Ideally, your downline has members in their downline too, make sure they know about this bonus to build and extended and educated downline.


Look at your downline not as people who are serving you, but as your team members. You achieve affiliate marketing success when your downline achieves success, so it’s in your best interest to ensure they are educated and happy. How do you do this? Become a great team leader. Offer support, advice and kudos when your team does well. A downline member who feels respected and supported is much more likely to stay in affiliate marketing.


Ready to Learn More About Affiliate Marketing with GDI?

affiliate marketing

A Network of Affiliates

Affiliate marketing can also be referred to as network marketing for good reason: you’re building a network. Look at the image to the right and notice how it’s affiliate programconnected. Each person is connected to the person in the middle, right? That person is you. How does this play into your business? Here’s how it should: each person in your network is connected, but you are the common thread. This means that everything that goes on in your network comes back to you. Try to build your downline with a few not-so great people for a quick commission? That will come back to you and start to break down that network. Build your network with people joining GDI for the right reasons? You will all succeed.


To build your downline and network effectively, you need to build it with quality people who have the same goals as you. This will require a little extra work. Instead of seeing your downline as a way to gain income, see them as your team. When they succeed, you succeed. Your downline doesn’t exist just for you to earn income, but to help each member of your team earn income. Each time you consider a member for your downline, interview them. Get to know them. If you go the extra mile, this person will be part of your network, connected to you and helping you for years to come.

Your Best Sources of Help

GDI offers many sources of support for our affiliates. Knowing the right person to ask when you have an issue can help to solve your problem faster. Here are a few helpful reminders for whom to reach out to.

Lost your password?

Support Team. Our Support Team can help you with any technical issue that may require them to access your account and assist you. Call them 760-602-3000 M-F 8am-3pm or send an email to support@wsdomains.ws anytime.

Cancel your account?

Support Team. We cannot process cancel requests submitted to any service other than our Support Team. Call them 760-602-3000 M-F 8am-3pm or send an email to support@wsdomains.ws anytime.

“How to” question about your WebSite

Members Area, Social Media, Support. In your Members Area you will see our Tutorial Videos linked on the left hand side. These videos can show you step by step how to build or adjust your website using SiteBuilder or WordPress. If you have a specific question or can’t find the video you are looking for let us know on our social media sites like our Facebook page and Twitter. If you’re still struggling, our Support Team will be happy to help you.

Building your team

Upline. You upline should be your first resource for any marketing and team building questions. You can find their contact information in your Members Area. Simply navigate to Upline and you will see the summary of your Upline members and their contact information listed.