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Incentivize Your Downline Members

The longevity of your downline members is one key to success with GDI. Having a strong team that is always growing will keep you earning commissions. But when team members don’t stay for long, you can find yourself scrambling to build your downline each month. The easy solution is to just retain team members while adding new ones, right? Well sometimes that is easier said than done. Here are a few ways to sweeten the GDI offerings and keep your team members around longer.


GDI has recently ramped up our contest offerings. At any given time, chances are we’re running a contest to give you a chance to win more cash from GDI. GDI contests are separate from bonuses, so they aren’t based on the number of signups you have. Currently, GDI members have a chance to win $25 for creating a GDI board on Pinterest or even $100 for sharing advice with us. These are chances to win cash from GDI for just taking a few simple steps. Have your downline members follow GDI on Facebook and Twitter to know about the newest contests. Always encourage your downline to enter for a chance to win cash from GDI. An affiliate earning money is more likely to stick around and work on building their business.


People are much more likely to stick with a business when they understand it. This tip may seem like a no brainer, but often new downline members are confused and feel left behind by their sponsor. Don’t let this happen to you and your team. Organize what you have learned in your time with GDI in a way that is shareable with new members. Reach out to your downline when they struggle to help them along instead of letting them quit. Education for your downline can be simple and shared in the form of videos, emails, blog posts, or just a quick phone call.


GDI’s Learning Bonus is designed to encourage longevity. The bonus does not require new signups to get several signups of their own in a short time, but just encourages them to learn more about GDI. The Learning Bonus asks new affiliates to accomplish simple tasks like setting up their .WS email, and then rewards them with $25 when all tasks are complete. The Learning Bonus helps to create an educated downline and encourage them to make more money. Be sure your new signups know how to take advantage of the Learning Bonus.

– See more at: http://gdiaffiliateblog.ws/2012/11/14/incentives-downline-longevity/#sthash.SOMbCK0i.dpuf

Common Downline Questions

Building a downline can be tricky and come with some questions. That’s why we have answered some of our most frequent questions we receive about downlines and the breakdown in your Members Area. Check them out below as you navigate your Members Area Downline.

What do the different colors in my downline table mean?
Click the View Downline Legend button in your Members Area to see a detailed description of each account type.

Why are some accounts still listed as Trials after 7 days?
Accounts will only convert to “Active” status once we successfully secure payment from them. If our charge attempts for new accounts decline, they will remain in trial status until we are able to secure payment.

Why are several cells in my downline table blank?

We changed the information available in downlines to better protect the privacy of our affiliates. Contact information is now displayed for all affiliates in your Level 1 downline by default. If you move one of your new signups to a downline member, you will still see the contact info since you introduced the signup to GDI. Levels 2-5 of your downline do not display all information in order to respect individual privacy.Additionally, each affiliate has the ability to choose for themselves whether their personal information is displayed to their direct sponsor from within the Contact Preferences section of their account.

Will I still receive commissions for downline members with blank fields?
Of course you will! Nothing whatsoever has changed with the commission payout structure. This is purely a cosmetic change to better protect the privacy of all our affiliates. You will still receive commissions for active accounts in your downline.

Five Ways to Motivate Your Downline

Share Leads. Many sales people share leads to help grow their business or give another sales agent a chance to reach out to someone they might be a good fit for. GDI is not a sales organization, but this is a great practice to mimic. Give your downline a little help by sharing leads when you can.

Share Success Stories. Knowing someone who has been successful with GDI is great motivation. Don’t hesitate to tell your downline each time you have a success with GDI. Whether it’s a bonus or a new downline member share the good news!

Be Available. As someone’s upline you are their first source of support. Make it easier for your downline members to reach you by setting aside time each week when you can talk on the phone or chat online. If you go missing don’t be surprise if your downline members do too.

Start a Team. If you don’t have a team in the running for our monthly Team Bonus, then now is the time to start. If you an existing team then invite your downline members to be a part of it. You will work towards the bonus together and benefit together building trust and team success.

Create and Share Content. Create a short video about GDI that your downline can share. It will help get the word out about GDI and give your downline ready-made content to add to their site.