New to GDI? Here’s What You Need to Know About the Learning Bonus

What is it?

The Learning Bonus is a $25 bonus that reward affiliates for learning more about GDI and completing some simple “get started” tasks.

How long do I have to complete it?

All new affiliates have 8 weeks from their signup date to complete all the tasks required to claim their $25 bonus. All tasks can be found in your Members Area under GDI Bonuses. You can also track your progress here.

Is it difficult?

No! The purpose of this bonus is to get you better acquainted with GDI and empower you to take control of your business. Tasks include things like setting up a .WS email address, which we promise is very easy!

Can I earn it more than once?

You cannot. However, you can benefit from your new downline members earning their Learning Bonus with the Duplication Bonus. All GDI affiliates are eligible for this bonus, no matter how long they’ve been an affiliate. Every directly referred new customer under you that gets paid their GDI Learning Bonus will count towards one check mark for your GDI Duplication Bonus. Ten check marks will earn you $250! This bonus is unlimited.

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