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Learn More: Your Downline

Learn more about your downline


Are you new to Global Domains International? Have you had a .WS domain for a while but are now interested in the affiliate opportunity? Are you interested in joining GDI, but a little confused by some of the terminology? This is the right post for you. In this post we will cover exactly what a downline is, what it means to be in one and how they work with GDI.

Downline, Simply

GDI offers an affiliate marketing opportunity to all basic and premium GDI members. This means each person who signs on with GDI has an opportunity to earn commision when they share the opportunity with someone else. Each person who joins GDI as your referral becomes a member of your downline. The downline is simply those people who sign up underneath your sponsorship or down the line of the your sponsorship.

Sharing .WS

Many people need a website, but few have the opportunity to get that website and earn commissions for referrals to the same great service. GDI does just that. Each time you share GDI with someone and they become a paying affiliate and domain owner, they will be added to your downline and you will earn a commission.

Downline and Upline

If your downline members are the people who signed up “under” you, then what does that make you? As we explained above, this makes you their sponsor and upline. With GDI everyone has the opportunity to build income, so most  people will be an upline member to others while in the downline of their sponsor. You are in the downline of your sponsor, but are the upline of those referred and signed on “under you.” This is true for almost everyone working in affiliate marketing.

A Team Attitude

Understanding that you are simultaneously an upline and downline member should help you understand how important a team attitude is to succeeding with GDI. When you succeed, your upline members succeed and when your downline members succeed, you will succeed as well. No one creates success with GDI alone. Work to support your downline and learn from your upline to help you towards success.


Ready to Learn More About Affiliate Marketing with GDI?

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What is Duplication in Affiliate Marketing?

By now you’ve probably heard all about our Duplication Bonus that rewards you for growing your team, but do you know what duplication is? Here’s what it is and how it can benefit you.

What is Duplication?

When it comes to marketing your GDI opportunity and gaining new sign ups, duplication means simple and repeatable.  It means that if you truly want to grow your downline and business that the way you market the opportunity has to be easy to understand and easy for those you sign up to recreate and get new sign ups themselves. That’s why when 10 of your new downline members earn the Learning Bonus, you qualify for the Duplication Bonus. It’s a repeatable and educational way to grow your business. Aside from the bonuses, a great way that duplication can be achieved is by sharing the 7 minute movie, sharing some simple facts about GDI along with your favorite features or sharing GDI’s newest interview on Moving America Forward. It doesn’t take too much effort for your downline to share these pages to get others interested and signed up. Then your new downline members can do the same thing to grown their downline. This all adds up to duplication.


Why It’s Beneficial

It may take a little time to figure out your best duplication system, but once you do it will make your work that much easier. Duplication is beneficial because it gives those around you the simple tools to excel with GDI. Find a way of marketing that works for you, that is simple, direct and can be done by anyone, then allow your new team members to use the same marketing duplication system to build both of your downlines. So get started on a simple and duplicable marketing strategy today!


What’s Your Legacy?

Each day you work with GDI you are building your legacy. With any business, especially online businesses, you are constantly building your reputation and your legacy. What you do leaves an impression on visitors to your site, past and present downline members and anyone interested in working with you. It’s important to think about decisions not just in how they will affect you right now, but also in the future and how it will reflect on your and your business.


We’re all busy, making it all too easy to ignore an email, skip a phone appointment or just forget to chat with our team. While this may not seem like a big deal today, this will affect how people see you and the legacy your business leaves. One missed phone call can be the reason someone leaves GDI. An ignored email can be a missed opportunity to build your team. As these things happen people remember them and share them. Don’t let you long term goals be hindered by ignoring work now.


GDI’s bonuses give you a chance to earn money while learning more about the business, helping others learn more, and building your team. When you chose to work towards these bonuses, it shows your commitment to GDI and others as well as building your income. Deciding not to work towards bonuses can show a lack of commitment to GDI, your downline and potential team members. Think of the legacy you leave as you work to build your business. How will people talk about you? How will they remember your work ethic and your business?