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Build Your Downline Effectively

Each downline member that joins with your team is a chance for everyone to make money thanks to GDI’s pay outs. However, your job isn’t done once someone signs up with you; in fact this is where the real work begins. A key to success in GDI is the longevity of your team members. One way to achieve this is by working to build the right team step by step. Here are a few things to focus on when you get a new team member.


Whether it’s a random sign up or someone you’ve been talking to for weeks, communication is very important in the beginning. This will not only help your new team member get ramped up and ready to go with GDI, but also give you a feel for their level of interest and commitment. This early communication can help you identify someone who might need a little more help and guidance or someone who is ready to go on their own.



People are going to have questions when they first start with GDI and it’s important for you to address them before they can even ask them. Have education materials ready for new team members like videos, blog posts and emails that address beginner questions. This will help your new team member get started fast and start building income for everyone.





Set personal goals and team goals and be sure they are well known and attainable. Check in with your team often to see their progress and decide if you need to set new goals or even scale them down so they are more attainable. Goals help team members create plans and follow through, a key to success.

Tips for Building Your Network and Downline with the Right People

Building your network is vital to any business. If you want to succeed on your own, you need to build your connections. This is truly important with GDI because you don’t want just anyone in your downline. You want someone who will put in the work to be successful too. But how do you guarantee that you’re building your network and downline with quality people? Read on for some tips to getting connected to the right people who will take the opportunity seriously and put in the effort needed.

People Like You

The easiest way to figure out what kind of person might be a great GDI member and downline, is to ask yourself what drew you to the opportunity and what qualities you have that make you successful. As you answer these questions, there is no doubt that some people you already know will come to mind. These people may think the same way about business as you or just have the drive to succeed. Invite them to become a GDI member. Be sure to explain the opportunity clearly and get their thoughts and insights on the opportunity to build Income for Life. Once you get some feedback, this will help you think of more people and personality types who might be interested in GDI.


LinkedIn is a great professional resource and fast growing social network, and not just for people looking for a 9-5 job. Use LinkedIn to search for people with the same business interests as you. You can search “network marketing” and get lots of results of people you might have some shared connections with. LinkedIn allows you to ask your current connections for an introduction to new people you would like to build a business relationship with.

LinkedIn also allows you to share short status updates on your profile that can be subscribed to much like Twitter, excerpt with a more specific audience. So make sure your profile is up to date and post some status updates, you never know who might be looking for you! Get creative with your search terms and just browse around. Visit LinkedIn to get started.

Anyone on Hard Times

It’s no secret that the economy is still on hard times. Lucky for you, times like these are great for fostering the entrepreneurial spirit and taking your career and life into your own hands. Think of people you already know who are out of work or could benefit from GDI. Explain to them the amazing opportunity and chance to change their life and income despite their circumstances. It’s a great time to be a GDI member and control your own income.

Q&A: Does GDI Offer Training?

GDI offers training in a few different ways. First you can sit in on one of webinars we offer every Tuesday at www.register.gdiwebinars.ws . You can also visit www.gdiwebinars.ws for past webinars. Each webinar starts with a great session that aims to answer all of those questions new users of GDI might have. The second part of the webinar offers timely tips like how to best use Facebook for your .ws domain and how to get the best use of newly added features. Best of all, each webinar offers you a chance to have your questions answered live by some of our most prolific GDI users.

A second way to get “training” is to speak with your upline. GDI is a unique opportunity in that you have people who have “been there done that” right at your fingertips. Your upline can be a wealth of information and it is a good idea to establish a great relationship with them. That way anytime you have a question or need advice, there is someone who is making the GDI program work for them to help you. At GDI we emphasize the importance of communication in success. Communication is essential with your upline and downline. Keep those lines open and get your heads together every now and then to help your .ws business continue to power forward. Business is about relationships, GDI gives you an opportunity to build some great ones.