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What Makes For a Great Website?

What makes for a great website

GDI provides you with your internet address for life, which can be home to your website. Your website builds your reputation online and defines your online identity, so you want it to represent you well. But what makes for a great website? Read on for the basics, then get working on your internet address for life.


For a website to be useful,  your website needs to provide something–a service, a product, a story. Information on how to take advantage of this is key. If you’re selling a product, be sure to inform your website visitors about its benefit, price, and how they can get it. If you’re selling a service, provide the same information. Telling a story? Provide information as to why this story is important. Make sure all of this information is easy to find. If your visitor can’t find this on your website quickly, you will quickly lose them.


Now you’ve got great information on your website, but how do people get to it? Navigation is key to people staying on your website and getting the best use of it. This means having appropriate menus and menu titles. It’s a good idea to have menu titles that include: about, products/ services, and contact. Other titles may be necessary, but these are the basic needs of any website. Don’t mislead with your menus titles. Visit some of your favorite websites and see how the navigation works, then apply this to your site.


The right images can keep people engaged with your website. Add images where it makes sense. Show people your product. Include an image of yourself or your team in the “About Us” section of your website. Try to use the best quality, high resolution photos you can find. A poor quality image will make you look unprofessional and will cause people to leave your website.

If you aren’t using your own images, make sure you have the rights to use ceraint photos on your website and provide credit and attribution when needed. Looking for photos to use on your website? Try Creative Commons—just be sure to check the rules and rights of the image before you use it on your website.


As we’ve said in many posts, content is key. Content is a lot like information, but with an emphasis on quality. Information provides the basics of what your website visitors need to know, but content builds the story. Good content should be keyword rich and interesting. This should be stories that support your business, share your success, and display your unique knowledge. Stuck on what kind of content to create? Think of what you enjoy reading or what kind of websites you like. Then try to create content that mimics this.


Embed a Google+ Post on Your Blog or WebSite

Google+ is a social networking service offered by Google that allows for status updates, links, photos and more to be shared much like they are on Facebook, but with the added privacy of sharing this information only with certain circles that you set up. If you already have a Google account, setting up a Google+ profile can be seamless. To learn more on how to do this, see our post HERE.

Google+ offers a fun feature that can help you instantly create engagement for a blog post or your website. This feature is the embed post. Any time you share an update on Google+, you have the option to embed that update somewhere else. The embedded update will show up similar to post below.  It allows visitors to instantly comment and interact with your Google+ post right on your blog or website. This is a great option to encourage more interaction or just break up your content with something new.

To embed a Google+ post, go to your Google+ page and share what’s new. Once that new post is live on your page, click the down arrow that appears in the top right-hand corner of the post. Select embed post and HTML code will pop up in the window. Copy and paste that code into the HTML editor of your blog or website and save. Your embedded Google+ post is now live and ready for comments and new followers.

Your Winning Advice Final Round: Content is Key

Our Big Tipper Contest that has been asking you for your advice since November has finally come to a close. We gave away $600 dollars to the winners and in turn got some great advice for all to benefit from. The final $100 winner and winner of the fourth round is GDI affiliate Keith Bless. We want to take the opportunity to share Keith’s winning advice as well as our take on it.

Finally, even though the contest is over, we still love hearing your advice! Feel free to share advice on our Facebook Page or tweet us with it.

Winning Advice: As you do your marketing and advertizing, do your best to focus on actions that bring RESIDUAL benefits. For example, one great “cold call” might bring you one person, but one great bit of content might bring you dozens, hundreds, or thousands.  Keith Bless

 This of advice is right up our alley. If you follow this blog, you know we often talk about the power of content in marketing and building your team. You can even see some past posts on it here, here, and here. Keith is 100% right in his advice. While that one cold call is worth a celebration, seeing the big picture is also extremely helpful to building your team. Great content can attract and keep the attention of many at one time. Put effort into creating content like helpful blog posts, videos and more for a large audience to build that long term income. But don’t forget about those individual cold calls, they help too!

Thanks to all our GDI affiliates who entered the Big Tippers Contest!