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Identifying Your Marketing Niche

Identifying your marketing niche BL


We’ve talked many times about marketing being a key to success with GDI. Marketing is how other people learn about GDI, your website and your affiliate marketing opportunity. You see marketing everywhere from your feeds on Facebook and Twitter to emails in your inbox. While you can learn a lot about marketing from what others are doing, it is important to have your own style for marketing and feel comfortable with the content you are producing. One way to define this style and level of comfort is to find your niche. Your “niche” is your little corner of marketing expertise where you are different from others and have something unique to offer. Read on for the four ways to find your marketing niche.

Your Expertise

What are you an expert in? What skills do you have that others could benefit from. Your expertise could be in a “hard” skill like website design, or in a soft skill like connecting with people/ Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what you’re best at, so ask your colleagues and your downline and upline members what they think you excel at. Once you know your expertise, use this in your marketing material.  If it is web design, focus on your abilities in that in your marketing materials. People who want to know more about web design will be inclined to learn more.

If your expertise is in a soft skill like connecting with people, use that to your advantage in your marketing by reaching out to people directly. You won’t advertise this skill like you would web design, but you will use it to your advantage by developing relationships with prospective downline members. Do this by reaching out via email, phone or in person and sharing more about GDI or your business.

Your Schedule

The amount of time you have for your website and GDI can affect your marketing style. If you don’t have much time to devote to GDI or your website, consider creating marketing materials that are evergreen. This means that if someone accesses your material today or a year from now, they can benefit and want to learn more. Blog content is an easy way to create evergreen content. Consider a blog post about the top reasons to join GDI or a collections of the lessons you have learned as an affiliate. This is content that will always be useful to people interested in GDI. Create these posts and make them easily available on your website or email them to downline prospects.

Your Communication Style

Are you a great writer or are you much more charismatic on video? Consider your communication style when deciding what marketing material to create. Don’t force yourself to create videos if you hate the camera and poorly written marketing materials won’t do you any good. This is another good space to ask for feedback from your colleagues and team. What do they think you excel at? Consider taking an online class or watching tutorials to improve your communication style in video or writing.

Your Brand

Your online presence and affiliate opportunity is your brand, what do you want it to say about you. Some brand identities for marketers might be the top affiliate on the leaderboard or the most responsive upline member. Consider what you want your brand to be and create marketing materials around it.


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9 Uses for a Website

10 uses for a website

GDI offers its members power and ownership with their .WS domain. Many people could benefit from a domain, but are intimidated by the thought of owning their own domain, or don’t know how to get started. As a GDI affiliate, it is your job to share how important a personalized domain is and how easy it is to own one with GDI.

You know how easy it is to get started with a .WS, so share your story with people as a way to grow your team. If these people still aren’t convinced they need a domain, share with them the benefits of a domain and all the ways they can be used. Here are nine uses for a website or a personalized domain. Share these will people who are unsure if they need a domain and see just how many people could benefit.

1. Sports Team

If you coach a team or take part in a league, a website is a great way to share schedules, the team record, and any practice news. For just $10 per month, a website is a great way to keep a team connected.

2. Events (Wedding/ Baby)

Lots of people create websites for big events like weddings, reunions, and baby showers. If you know anyone planning these big events, they could benefit from their own domain name to share event info, connect people, and help with planning. Think of .WS as “Wedding Site” for this use.

3. Blog

With GDI’s WordPress plugin, having a blog at a domain that you own has never been easier. People who own their .WS can get the benefit of the WordPress platform with the autonomy of their own domain.

4. Photos

GDI offers an easy to use gallery plugin to share photos. Anyone with friends or family far away knows the benefits of a website to share photos and memories. With a .WS you can share your photos at a domain you own and not worry about privacy or ownership issues that come through websites like Facebook.

5. Recipe

Lots of people turn to the internet instead of a cookbook these days when it’s time to plan dinner. Using a website to share your recipes and create an easy to access library for yourself is a great use of your own domain.

6. Message Boards

GDI offers an easy to use forums plugin. This lets you start a conversation around anything you want and invite others to join. This could be about your favorite sport, your town, a personal interest–anything!

7. Business

What do most people do when they want to learn more about a business? Go online and search for that business’s website. If you have a business, but don’t have a website, you are missing these people. Your business website can be a simple single page website listing hours, location, and contact info. Having this website shows you take your business seriously and keeps you from missing potential customers.

8. Restaurant Menu Page

Just like a simple business page, a menu page offers your potential customers the information they need with minimal effort from you. People often look for restaurant menus online and if they can’t find one for a restaurant, they may instead take their business to one that does offer it. If you know anyone who owns their own restaurant, no matter how small, it is essential they have a website with their menu page.

9. Resume/ CV

Having a website with your resume or CV gives employers a chance to find you before they promote a job opening or consider hiring someone. Use your .WS to host your resume, CV, or any portfolio you’ve created. It shows employers you’re website-savvy and allows people to connect you with opportunities even if you might not be actively looking.


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GDI Features You Might Not Know About

GDI Features

GDI offers many tools and plugins. While you may know and use some of the big ones each day, like SiteBuilder or WordPress, GDI has many smaller offerings that are just as helpful. Get to know some of the lesser known GDI features and start using them!

Changing Your Username

Not happy with your username? You can change it. This name is what appears as the sponsor name when a new member signs up as part of your downline. You want this name to be professional, but maybe you weren’t thinking about that when you first made it. You can easily change your user name for a one time $10 fee. If you aren’t sure what to change your name to, GDI will even offer suggestions.

Changing your username is always the right choice if you’re unhappy with it. Remember, you can’t have multiple active accounts with GDI. So head to the Members Area and navigate to Change Username to change your name and get started with a new one now.

Marketing Kit

Not sure where to start with your marketing? GDI has you covered. GDI offers a fully customizable Marketing Kit for you to use to create your own marketing materials. In the Members Area, select Marketing Kit. Here you will find several printable items that can be seamlessly customized with your contact information. Find flyers, table tents, and more. Have questions about the Marketing Kit? You can find answers directly below the kit.

Hit Logs

Do you want to know if your online marketing is effective at driving traffic to your website? Check your Hit Logs. You can access you Hit Logs directly from the Members Area. Here you can see how many people are visiting your site.


Banners are an easy way to improve your SiteBuilder or WordPress site. You can find Banners in the Members Area as well. These Banners are images that link to your signup page. These can be added to your GDI website or any other website. Banners are added to your website with simple HTML coding that you copy directly from the Members Area. Paste that code into an HTML editor and a professionally designed and linked banner will now be shown on the website of your choice. Anyone who clicks on the banner will be taken directly to your page. Many of the banners also offer flash animation, to give your site a professional look. You can also use the Virtual ID banner to show off your affiliate level and experience directly on your website.

Duplication Bonus

Though it  may be a lesser-known bonus, the Duplication Bonus offers affiliates a chance to earn a big bonus for having an educated downline. For every 10 downline members that complete and earn their Learning Bonus, you will earn a $250 Duplication Bonus. The best part about this bonus is that it’s unlimited. It’s also a great way to build an educated downline–a downline more likely to succeed and stick with GDI.