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Your Winning Advice Final Round: Content is Key

Our Big Tipper Contest that has been asking you for your advice since November has finally come to a close. We gave away $600 dollars to the winners and in turn got some great advice for all to benefit from. The final $100 winner and winner of the fourth round is GDI affiliate Keith Bless. We want to take the opportunity to share Keith’s winning advice as well as our take on it.

Finally, even though the contest is over, we still love hearing your advice! Feel free to share advice on our Facebook Page or tweet us with it.

Winning Advice: As you do your marketing and advertizing, do your best to focus on actions that bring RESIDUAL benefits. For example, one great “cold call” might bring you one person, but one great bit of content might bring you dozens, hundreds, or thousands.  Keith Bless

 This of advice is right up our alley. If you follow this blog, you know we often talk about the power of content in marketing and building your team. You can even see some past posts on it here, here, and here. Keith is 100% right in his advice. While that one cold call is worth a celebration, seeing the big picture is also extremely helpful to building your team. Great content can attract and keep the attention of many at one time. Put effort into creating content like helpful blog posts, videos and more for a large audience to build that long term income. But don’t forget about those individual cold calls, they help too!

Thanks to all our GDI affiliates who entered the Big Tippers Contest!

GDI Big Tippers Fourth and Final Entry Period Voting

Vote for your favorite entry. The top tip with the most voted will win $100. Click here for full contest rules.  Voting is from January 2nd-6th.

GDI Big Tippers Third Entry Period Voting -- Chose Your Favorite Tip!

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Your Winning Advice: Round Three

This holiday season we’ve been asking for your advice. The GDI Big Tippers Contest launched at the beginning of November and offers 2 more chances to win $100. We just finished our third round and announced our winner, Aaron Mecua! We want to take this opportunity to share his advice and share GDI’s take on it. Don’t forget to enter for your chance to win by sharing your advice on our Facebook Page or tweeting us with it.

Most people join the program because of the opportunity, so what I do is share the bonuses that the program offers and walk my sign ups through it. Then explain to them that these are just a bonuses and there’s a long term income that they are slowly building while enjoying these bonuses. –Aaron Mecua

 GDI offers many incentives to affiliates new and old. From bonuses to contests, there are many ways to make money with GDI. These incentives are great to share with new members, but like Aaron says, let these new members know they are not the base of your income. Think of these bonuses as just what they are—great extras. Work hard to build you downline and monthly income and you’ll no doubt hit some bonuses and maybe some contests along the way. GDI is a commitment, but there are many rewards.