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Beginner Questions: Promote the Product or Affiliate Program?

affiliate programAre you a beginner and unsure what to do next to build income? First, you must identify what you want to promote: the affiliate income opportunity or GDI’s products. Here are a few steps to help you answer this question.

How well do you understand GDI’s product and services?

All of our members should understand the website hosting and email that GDI offers and better yet take advantage of it. But since we know this may not be the case for everyone, decide where you fall. Do you use a replicated site and have no interest in hosting? Well then you are someone who should be advertising the opportunity. It doesn’t make sense to try to explain and sell someone on something you aren’t using yourself.

If you are someone who takes advantage of GDI website hosting and know every in and out of the product, you are someone who should be selling the product. If you love the product people will be able to see that and want to get on board with it.

What kind of people do you work best with?

Do you work best with people who get really excited about a new idea or offering, or do you prefer to work with people who take a more analytical approach. A lot of this can be based on your own experience and is in no way a scientific fact, but try to take personality types into account when trying to get someone into your downline.

Someone who is very excitable and good at getting others excited, could be very good at selling the opportunity, and this is someone you may want to work with if you feel the same. Someone who takes a more calculated look at things may need a little more of a push could really benefit from being sold the product and explained the virtues of it in combination with the opportunity. Try to figure out the kind of people you want in your downline and it will help you decide what you should be selling.

What is your presentation style?

Your presentation style is a combination of the answers to the two questions. Try to mix your personality with what you know and you will be able to see what you are better at selling.

How about both?

You can follow the steps above to stick with selling either the product or the opportunity, or you could do both. Don’t limit yourself on only trying to sell one aspect of GDI, you have multiple selling points at your fingertips, so use this to your advantage. Get educated on the product, refine your pitch and decide what you want to sell on a person to person basis.

GDI’s Product and Pruchasing FAQs

How much do domain packages cost?
$10 per month per domain.

Is anything else included in the $10 monthly fee?
Yes: Lots of options! Your $10 monthly fee covers not only your .WS “WebSite” domain name, but everything needed to make full use of it. You can use our hosting services, forward your domain to another location, leave it parked with a simple construction screen, or use our simple SiteBuilder tool to help you design a great WebSite in minutes. All these options include email services. Of course, you always have the option of using your own hosting company as well!

What forms of payment can I use?
You may use PayPal or any of the following major credit cards: American Express, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, or Visa. You may also use debit cards tied to a checking or savings account.

Do you offer any other products?
We offer the following products at an additional cost. Note: Shipping and handling is not included in the listed prices:

**Leads packages:
10 Phone verified leads $30.00
50 Phone verified leads $150.00
100 Phone verified leads $300.00
GDI Business Cards:
1000 cards $49.95
2500 cards $79.00
5000 cards $129.00
10,000 cards $229.00
15,000 cards $329.00
20,000 cards $429.00
25,000 cards $529.00
50,000 cards $995.00
100,000 cards $1,975.00

I selected to change my billing plan type. When will the change take effect?

Changes to a domain’s billing plan will take effect upon completion of the respective domain’s current Paid Through date.

I changed my mind and no longer wish to change my billing plan type. How can I undo a change I submitted?
Simply use the Change Plan link set the billing type back to the “current” plan type.


**We are running a special on verified leads. Purchase now to take advantage of the 2 for 1 offer!


Marketing Mondays II

Sometimes it’s not about how you are marketing, but what you are marketing. This week’s marketing tips revolve around GDI’s products and services.

Remember Premium

New affiliates can upgrade to our Premium offering or sign up with Premium right away. Premium offers affiliates a chance to earn higher commissions as well as take advantage of improved products and services with more storage space. Use this offering to market to serious website builders or anyone looking to maximize their income. Learn more about Premium HERE.

Learn All About the Products

To market a product successfully you need to understand it. This means taking the time to earn your Bonus, explore your Members Area and each one of GDI’s products and services. When you’re educated it’s easy to tailor your marketing pitch to each person you connect with.

Use the Products and Services

The best way to learn about our products and services is to use them. Utilize your .WS email, SiteBuilder, the Inviter, everything! Discover your favorite and share your excitement with those you’re marketing to. Your investment in GDI’s products and services will be contagious.