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Five Reasons to Work From Home

work from home   Working with GDI is a great way to build additional income without having to punch a clock or check into an office. Others around you not convinced of the benefit of this untraditional set up? Read on to discover five reasons to work from home with an organization like GDI.

1. Make Your Own Schedule

Many people who are affiliate marketers have full time jobs, family commitments and many more things taking up their time. Yet they still are able to earn income in affiliate marketing. How? Working from home allows you to make your own schedule and work when you have time. Don’t think that means that you have to put in four hours as an affiliate marketer after your full time job. Making your own schedule often means putting in 20 minutes when you have time or a longer chunk on a rainy Sunday afternoon. As an affiliate marketer you decide when you will work and how much money you want to make.

2. No Time Lost on Commute

A second source of income is great, but it can come with tradeoffs. Say your second job is at a brick and mortar location and you have to drive there after your full eight hour shift. You’re now losing time in your day as you make your way to another place of work. Why not skip the commute all together and still earn income? As an affiliate marketer you can telecommute. All you need is access to a computer and the internet.

3. Work Around the Globe

Working in a brick and mortar location means you are limited to your number of customers. Most will be local and live close to your business. With affiliate marketing you can work with customers around the globe. You have easy access to new prospects with your computer and your unique schedule lets you set up time to connect with people in other time zones.

4. Residual Income

Affiliate marketing gives you a chance to build income even when you’re not working. As you build your downline out, others like you will spread the message of GDI, contributing to your residual income. Build your downline with the right people and you can confidently earn income without logging hours and hours on your computer.

5. Others Like You

Not everyone wants to work from home or work in affiliate marketing, and that’s fine! Working from home allows you to easily connect with and work with others like you. You can build your downline with people just like you who want to earn extra income but on their own terms. Decide what kind of people you want to build your downline and team with and go find them!

Advertising Options for GDI Affiliates

newsupdateThere’s no need to pay for advertising with GDI to build your affiliate network. GDI offers marketing tools and services like the Marketing Kit, movies, replicated sites, and more. There’s also a number of free ways to share your business like social media and video sites. Still some affiliates do pay for advertising. To find out what form of advertising might work best for you, we’re sharing some of the options, free and paid, that many people use.

Outside of our banners and ads, these services are not included nor endorsed by GDI. You do not have to use any of these services, they are simply options if you would like to explore the idea of advertisements.

GDI Banners and Buttons

The banners offered in the SiteBuilder toolbox are a great addition to any website, whether you use SiteBuilder, WordPress or another service. The banners act as an advertisement for your GDI business. Each banner is customized to your account to ensure that when visitors click on a banner they will be redirected a to GDI promotional page with you as the sponsor, inviting them to learn more and submit their contact information. To add a banner to you SiteBuilder site navigate to your page editor then select Add on Page>Tools>Banners.

The buttons offered in the SiteBuilder tools can serve a variety of purposes. You can invite people to sign up right away with you as their sponsor, watch the movie or learn more with our different buttons offered. These buttons are powerful as they are bright and stand out from text, inviting people to click on learn more. To add a button to you SiteBuilder site navigate to your page editor then select Add on Page>Tools>Buttons. – See more at:

Google AdWords

Google offers many options for ads, allowing you to choose how you pay, when and where your ads are displayed and more. According to Google:

  • AdWords, Google‘s online advertising program, lets you reach new customers and grow your business.
  • Choose where your ad appears, set a budget you’re comfortable with, and measure the impact of your ad.
  • There’s no minimum spending commitment. You can pause or stop anytime.

Facebook Advertising

If you’d like to take your social media efforts farther and share GDI beyond your network, Facebook ads may be a good option. Facebook says, “Ads on Facebook are unique. They’re shown to specific groups of highly engaged people on desktop and mobile. When your ads have great creative content and are well targeted, they get more likes, comments and shares. When someone takes any of these actions, their friends may see your ad, making it more powerful.” Facebook offers pay per click or impression payments much like Google AdWords.

Why Did You Join?

Join GDIWhy did you join GDI? Knowing this answer will help you build the business and experience with GDI that you want. Here are a few reasons for joining that affiliates have shared with us.

Building a Team and Income

GDI’s Income for Life is all about building a downline which is really a team or network of people with a common goal and interests. While you may have some people you already know interested in GDI, it’s a great opportunity to meet and connect with new people interested in making money with GDI. With GDI you can connect with many people through, our Facebook page, Twitter and more. While building your business with GDI you can meet new people and work towards creating successful business relationships with them as well as sharing advices and tips.

Ease of Use and Value

How many businesses do you know that take just $10 to get started? Not many! That’s why GDI is unique, with just $10 per month you can start to build Income for Life. Not only is GDI a low cost way to start your own business, but it’s easy to use and understand. We offer you your own domain name and the tools to create your website and your business.

Build Your Future

We’ve talked in the past about how GDI is a great way to build income for your future, whatever that may be. If you’ve just started out in the business world or headed towards retirement, GDI is a great way to create Income for Life that can help fund your future. Getting started with GDI is easy and if you work hard and don’t give up the possibilities for income and for your future are endless.