Selling the Product

We’ve shared that there are many ways you can benefit from being a GDI member. First off, you can be a member just to use our great products and hosting to brand yourself with your own domain and emails. If you’re a big fan of the products, marketing them for income for yourself is a no brainer. Why not share your love for GDI and make some money in the process. Then, maybe you don’t want to use to products but just want to make Income for Life, well then you can simply market the GDI opportunity. But if you’ve decided you definitely want to actively market GDI, for whatever, check out our post that will help you decide which part of GDI you want to market: The Product of the Opportunity.


GDI offers all of our services: domain address, hosting and email addresses for just $10 per month. This is a great deal in itself, but GDI also offers some great add-ons like SiteBuilder, WordPress, photo galleries and message boards. Combine that with GDI’s offerings to our members like, and our weekly webinars and it is quite a deal with support like you won’t find anywhere else.

Ease of Use

The great services GDI offers are easy to use for people with all levels of website experience. If you’re a novice, try our simple to use, customizable SiteBuilder. People with more experience will love our WordPress add on and those who are pros can easily host their created website with GDI.


GDI is versatile for all users in the services we offer and how people can customize them. When selling the product, use this as a chance to highlight all of the services GDI has to offer and how it can apply to all levels.

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