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Help for Your Downline

The GDI affiliate program offers a unique opportunity to those interested. While GDI effectively does the marketing for you, your affiliate opportunity is still your business. GDI does much of the work, but you still need to take on the role of business owner in a few ways. One is how you work with your team, new signups, and everyone who has the slightest possibility of being interested.

 Offer Help to All

As with any business, you can’t reserve pleasantries and helpfulness just for guaranteed customers. Often times you might not know right away if someone is going to be worth your effort, but you still need to give 100% to every person you work with. Having your own business requires you to treat everyone as a potential customer and that is no different for being an affiliate with GDI. So answer questions and be helpful and friendly no matter if someone is a new team member, old team member, or someone who may or may not be interested.

Provide Help Before It’s Needed

You may walk into a grocery store knowing what you need, but chances are you still need to follow the signs on each aisle to find everything you’re looking for. This is a business answering your questions before you have to ask. Treat your potential signups and new team members this way. Think of questions they may have and have their answers already there for them in the form of blog posts, videos or your website. Providing help before it’s needed can help you to hang on to leads.

Steps for New Affiliates

If you’re new to GDI and a bit overwhelmed with what to do next, don’t worry. Here are the steps you need to take as a brand new affiliate to get educated about GDI and be successful.

  • Contact your upline. This is who you just signed up with. They are a valuable resource and will be able to answer your questions as a new affiliate. You can find their contact information under Upline in your Members Area.
  • Watch our Tutorial Videos. You can access these in your Members Area. These short videos cover everything you need to know about GDI and how to use our services.
  • Visit the blog. You’re already here, but be sure to bookmark We post multiple times per week with information important to affiliates. You can also search past posts for the information you need.
  • Earn Your Learning Bonus:
    • Convert from the free trial to an active affiliate.
    • Set up your .WS email
    • Use GDI’s Inviter tool to send at least 5 invites
    • Directly refer one converted signup
    • Create your WebSite with SiteBuilder
    • Email from within with the subject “Learning Bonus” and include a link to your new WebSite
    • Set your preferred Commission method
    • Earn $25 if you complete all these steps properly!
  • Work towards GDI bonuses. GDI currently offers three bonuses outside of the Learning Bonus for active affiliates. Learn the rules here for the Weekly Superstar Bonus, Team Bonus and Duplication Bonus and then start working towards each!