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The Four P’s: Promotion

marketingAs an affiliate marketer, it helps to know a few traditional marketing practices. A practice you will hear over and over is following the Four P’s. These are: product, place, promotion and price. These help you decide how to market your product and ultimately be successful. This post will focus on the use of promotion to get the most from your marketing efforts.


Promotion in the Four P’s is just what it sounds like. It means how communicate what your product can offer others.  As the result of this, the first part of promotion is letting prospects know that your product exists and what it has to offer. This means you should learn as much as you can about GDI and then begin to share or promote the website, the income opportunity, the domain or whatever is your favorite.

The next aspect to promotion is separating your product, the GDI domain and income opportunity, apart from others. For starters, GDI offers includes site building and management tools that others do not. Think of more ideas why GDI stands apart from the rest and share them as you create marketing materials. Clear differentiation from other products will make your marketing much easier. Promotion is just one part of the Four P’s, but the most important when it comes to GDI.

The Free Sample Marketing Plan: GDI’s Seven Day Free Trial

There are quite a few affiliate programs around today. People can market everything from makeup to diet shakes. GDI is different because you can market from anywhere. You don’t even freetrialneed to be in person to set someone up with a new domain. One thing that you might feel missing from this online marketing world is the free sample. Nothing gets you connected to a business quite like a sample of their product and many companies offer them. But, since GDI’s domain services and income opportunity are online, you can’t offer a sample, right?

Wrong. You may have overlooked it, but GDI does have a free sample: the seven day FREE trial. Every person who signs up with GDI gets to try it out for free for seven days. This is more than a sample of a smoothie, this is the chance for people interested in GDI to experience it and use its services first hand. So market the .WS domain and the income opportunity and offer everyone interested a “free sample.” We promise you wont run out.

Two Content Marketing Tips

Create Content Ahead of Time

As we’ve shared in past posts, a great way to increase SEO and your visitor base is to ensure you always have fresh content. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you visit your website and realize you need to update it and write something right NOW. But instead of getting in moments of panic, create content ahead of time and create a schedule. If you have WordPress you can even schedule your posts to be published on specific dates in the future. You site is going to look more viable when your content is new and relevant to your readers.

Explain Things Simply

The GDI opportunity may be simple to you, but remember that people visiting your site might not quite understand it yet and need a little guidance. This is where it is ok to be very simple and straight forward in your writing. Explain the GDI opportunity to your site visitors and why it is important to them. Be clear and concise to help answer some of their first questions. Bullet points, images and personal success stories can help to make your point as well. The better you explain the opportunity and benefits, the better chances you have to succeed with GDI.