Marketing Mondays II

Sometimes it’s not about how you are marketing, but what you are marketing. This week’s marketing tips revolve around GDI’s products and services.

Remember Premium

New affiliates can upgrade to our Premium offering or sign up with Premium right away. Premium offers affiliates a chance to earn higher commissions as well as take advantage of improved products and services with more storage space. Use this offering to market to serious website builders or anyone looking to maximize their income. Learn more about Premium HERE.

Learn All About the Products

To market a product successfully you need to understand it. This means taking the time to earn your Bonus, explore your Members Area and each one of GDI’s products and services. When you’re educated it’s easy to tailor your marketing pitch to each person you connect with.

Use the Products and Services

The best way to learn about our products and services is to use them. Utilize your .WS email, SiteBuilder, the Inviter, everything! Discover your favorite and share your excitement with those you’re marketing to. Your investment in GDI’s products and services will be contagious.

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