Apr 302015

Choosing the Right Content to Market Your Opportunity


We talk often about content marketing on this blog. As a quick refresher, content marketing is the practice of using content (blogs, video, lists) to market your business and get others interested. As there are many different content options, its easy to get overwhelmed with what to create for your website to attract and audience and build income. Below we break down different types of content and who this content is likely to attract. This will prove to be a handy guide when you’re at a loss for what to share on your website next.

Type: Case Study

A case study is an in depth look at a certain topic. One example of this would be your company’s success over a few months of trying a new approach to marketing or the results of a mailing campaign a pizza company did. This is a way to examine what creates (or doesn’t create) success with certain tactics while giving others ideas to do the same.

Potential Audience: People who are interested in bettering their own business and have some experience. Case studies are not usually for beginners as they are more in depth.

Type: Personal Update

A personal update is just what it sounds like–you checking in with your audience/ team. This can be you talking about recent successes, new business ideas or what you’ve got planned for the next few months. This lets your audience see the human side of you while getting ideas for what to do next.

Potential Audience: Anyone. Personal updates have a low barrier to entry, they should be written in a conversational tone and give visitors a peek into the inner workings of your business and some of your ideas.

Type: Industry News

This is sharing news relevant to your industry. This could be sharing affiliate marketing news and trends or news related to your business category. This is easy content to create and it can be a series of links or selected quotes from the news (with links to the original news site) with your comments.

Potential Audience: Other people in your same industry. This kind of content will appeal to people who already have an understanding of your business.

Type: Advice

This content isn’t too different from the personal update. This is a chance to respond to questions you have received in a larger format and offer your unique experience and expertise.

Potential Audience: Your current downline and team members. Often this advice is specific to people working in affiliate marketing or your business. Affiliates and those in the same business category will benefit most from this specific advice.

Type: How-To

This content can range from the simple, “How to sign up with GDI” to the more advanced “How to add a widget to your website.” This content can be shared in text or video.

Potential Audience: You stand to gain a broad audience with how-to content. You can attract people with a range of skills and interests. Use this content to help build your downline and also create an educated team.


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Jan 242014

Conversionwordpress content

Now that you’ve got your content down, it’s time to identify how you will leverage it. Goals for content can be shares, which spread your name and message, favorites which build credibility or email addresses which provide lead information. While shares can also result in more business, it has to come to you while you wait passively. With email addresses, you can directly follow up with viewers of your content to convert them to paying customers. To get email address, you can gate some of your content. This means requiring an email address, name and OK to receive messages from you in a contact form to gain access to your content. WordPress has some great contact form plugins with this functionality. See one HERE. Now someone has provided you with their lead information, and you’ve provided them with great content.

As a word of caution, don’t lock up all you content. Provide some great content on your website, but keep longer, more unique content locked behind the contact form. This way you provide information to interest people and ensure you’re only getting emails from the most engaged people.

Jan 222014

We’ve talked about content marketing quite a few times on this blog, so you know it’s something you should be doing. But do you know how to get started?news content

The first step is to find your audience, which will help you find your voice. Your voice is how you write: your tone, your style of writing and your punctuation just to name a few. Here are the first steps to take towards great content marketing.

Find Your Audience

Plain and simple, who are you creating content for? If you’re creating content to support your business, think of your ideal customer. Who are they? What are their interests? These are thing to be aware of with each piece of content you create. You can also find your audience by deciding what your goals are for each piece of content. Do you want some to submit an email address to learn more? Share with their friends? You should create a document with the answers to these questions to guide you as your write.

Find Your Voice

Now that you know your audience, it’s time to write for them. If your audience is short on time, be aware of that when you lay out your content. Is your audience curious to learn more? Then consider gated informational content. Think like your audience, and then write for them. This will develop your voice. Maintaining this voice throughout your content will help your audience know what to expect and ensure you’re attracting the right people for your goals.