Content Marketing: Conversion

Conversionwordpress content

Now that you’ve got your content down, it’s time to identify how you will leverage it. Goals for content can be shares, which spread your name and message, favorites which build credibility or email addresses which provide lead information. While shares can also result in more business, it has to come to you while you wait passively. With email addresses, you can directly follow up with viewers of your content to convert them to paying customers. To get email address, you can gate some of your content. This means requiring an email address, name and OK to receive messages from you in a contact form to gain access to your content. WordPress has some great contact form plugins with this functionality. See one HERE. Now someone has provided you with their lead information, and you’ve provided them with great content.

As a word of caution, don’t lock up all you content. Provide some great content on your website, but keep longer, more unique content locked behind the contact form. This way you provide information to interest people and ensure you’re only getting emails from the most engaged people.

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