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Your Top Webinar Questions from April 24th

Q: What is a good SEO that’s easy to use for video marketing?
A: SEO for video marketing can refer to utilizing video to drive SEO and traffic to your site or SEO for just your videos. Here are a few tips to help you achieve both.

Title and Description

Create a title that not only describes what your video offers, but uses the right keywords to drive people to your video. Google offers a Keyword Tool to help you figure out which words might be best to include in your title to attract more search visitors. Your title should be short and to the point, but your description can be longer and include more details about your video and you.


YouTube allows you to use tags to better classify your video on YouTube and take advantage of keywords. Once you have figured out your keywords in the step above, populate them into your tags. Be sure to use descriptive tags to ensure the right people are finding your video.

Sharing Your Video

Share your video as much as possible to get views on more sites than just the one it is hosted on. You can embed your video into blog posts, share it on social media or link to it in emails to drive more traffic.

Encourage Comments

Comments on videos are a form of interaction that visitors and search engines alike take note of. When you share you video, entice potential visitors and ask them to watch and share their opinions in the comments. You can even take advantage of your description space, asking viewers for their comments and questions.

Q: How quickly can I expect to get a return on my investment?
A: Each affiliate is different. It depends how many hours you put into it and your approach. It is a very small investment, so we encourage everyone to work hard and stick with it.

Q: Hi, is there a tutorial in how to build a Facebook/ GDI business page?
A: Thanks to your question, we’re in the process of creating a video tutorial for that now!

Your Top Webinar Questions (and Answers!) from April 10

Q: What does one do if there is not any upline support to talk to and pump some ideas off of?

A: GDI is set up in a way that each team member has a sponsor, which we often refer to as an upline. Your upline should be available to help you build your business, answer questions and guide you. If you don’t know how to contact this individual, just log into your GDI Member’s Area and select the “Upline” menu option. If you have trouble getting with your direct sponsor, work your way up the list as far as you go until you get the help you need!

Also always there to help you is GDI’s top-notch Support department that is available to answer your questions by phone or email. You will be surprised at the depth of knowledge they can bring, not only to help you understand your product or working in the Member’s Area, but also tips about building your business and sharing the GDI opportunity with others.

Contact them simply by clicking on the “Request Support” link from within your GDI Member’s Area.

However, if you are unable to get in contact with your upline at all, reach out to support and let them know of the issue.
In this webinar, we asked YOU for your answer to one tough question. Here’s the best response we received.

Q: What do you say to someone who is not interested in purchasing a domain?

A: I share with those who say they don’t want a domain name that they will hinder their success by not having a professional link with a powerful message, by having a brand domain name. At the same time, they are also bringing in residual income from the back end which creates an extra income stream for them.

Thanks to Susan B. for the great answer!

Your Top Webinar Question from March 27

Q: What is the number one mistake new affiliates make?

A: When we asked our experienced and successful affiliates, Brian Bear and Tissa Godavitarne what their answer was, they agreed that “giving up,” was at the top of the list. What they meant is that too often people do not give their GDI opportunity enough time to be successful before walking away.

Brian Bear commented that many of the people who are most successful with GDI are those who get a few signs ups within the first few weeks. This is not because of the quick success, but because of the incentive to stick with it that these people get by being successful right away. People who see the promise quickly often stay and get even more successful, but those who don’t stick with it tend to walk away before even giving the program a chance.

So simply, stick with it and work hard. Think of GDI like any other business or job. You wouldn’t walk away from a new job if you hadn’t been promoted within the first few weeks, so don’t walk away from GDI. Put in the time and you will see results from your hard work.