Your Top Webinar Question from March 27

Q: What is the number one mistake new affiliates make?

A: When we asked our experienced and successful affiliates, Brian Bear and Tissa Godavitarne what their answer was, they agreed that “giving up,” was at the top of the list. What they meant is that too often people do not give their GDI opportunity enough time to be successful before walking away.

Brian Bear commented that many of the people who are most successful with GDI are those who get a few signs ups within the first few weeks. This is not because of the quick success, but because of the incentive to stick with it that these people get by being successful right away. People who see the promise quickly often stay and get even more successful, but those who don’t stick with it tend to walk away before even giving the program a chance.

So simply, stick with it and work hard. Think of GDI like any other business or job. You wouldn’t walk away from a new job if you hadn’t been promoted within the first few weeks, so don’t walk away from GDI. Put in the time and you will see results from your hard work.

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  1. Network work marketing programs are too easy to walk away from and many of us do. In 1983 my wife and I purchased a Retail and Wholesale Beauty Supply business for $70,000 and signed a 3-year lease on our retail space. Our business was successful but both of us knew almost immediately we did not want to do the business BUT we could not walk away because of our investment of Cash and the lease commitment. We stayed about a year and found a buyer for the business. We did earn profit while there and on the sale. However, had it been possible we would have walked away the first month.

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