Your Top Webinar Questions (and Answers!) from April 10

Q: What does one do if there is not any upline support to talk to and pump some ideas off of?

A: GDI is set up in a way that each team member has a sponsor, which we often refer to as an upline. Your upline should be available to help you build your business, answer questions and guide you. If you don’t know how to contact this individual, just log into your GDI Member’s Area and select the “Upline” menu option. If you have trouble getting with your direct sponsor, work your way up the list as far as you go until you get the help you need!

Also always there to help you is GDI’s top-notch Support department that is available to answer your questions by phone or email. You will be surprised at the depth of knowledge they can bring, not only to help you understand your product or working in the Member’s Area, but also tips about building your business and sharing the GDI opportunity with others.

Contact them simply by clicking on the “Request Support” link from within your GDI Member’s Area.

However, if you are unable to get in contact with your upline at all, reach out to support and let them know of the issue.
In this webinar, we asked YOU for your answer to one tough question. Here’s the best response we received.

Q: What do you say to someone who is not interested in purchasing a domain?

A: I share with those who say they don’t want a domain name that they will hinder their success by not having a professional link with a powerful message, by having a brand domain name. At the same time, they are also bringing in residual income from the back end which creates an extra income stream for them.

Thanks to Susan B. for the great answer!

2 thoughts on “Your Top Webinar Questions (and Answers!) from April 10”

  1. I simply say “Next”. Opportunities for some, those who are looking, will be exactly what that person is looking for. If they’re not interested now? Give them some time. In 6 months when they ask you how your online “Thing” is doing? That’s when you have more to talk about. Their dreams, goals, and desires. Don’t give up on your dream! You named it!

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