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Video Marketing

From our tutorials, to webinars to our popular marketing movies, GDI uses a lot of video. Video is a powerful tool on the internet as it can get your point across and keep people entertained without forcing them to read a lengthy website. Read on for our tips for getting started with video marketing to promote your GDI opportunity.


Video is great because it can show your prospects and downline you, plain and simply. The internet is great for connecting with a lot of people, but can sometime be impersonal. Video marketing helps to create that more personal feeling and voice. Creating videos for video marketing it also easy, all you need is a webcam or even just a mic and recording software to get started. You can simply record yourself delivering your message or answering questions or get more technical by using a desktop recording program to show your computer desktop and explain in videos how to use programs, services and marketing plans for GDI.

Also, editing your videos just got a whole lot easier . If you plan to upload your video on YouTube, the website has now added a simple editing service, so you don’t even need ot have a program and your computer. How easy is that!?

How to Use It

Use video marketing anywhere you might consider putting a lot of text on your website. This way, all the information you are presenting doesn’t seem so daunting as it’s in video form as opposed to a visitor having to read a long page of text. Also use video marketing as a way to be up-to-date. Regularly tape short videos where you answer common questions or offer tips to someone just getting started with your team and GDI. This will show prospects and your down line that you are active and invested.

How to Get Started

The best way to get started is to just do it! Write a short script and try out a test video, you can always re-record. Once you are satisfied with your product upload it to YouTube or a similar service and share it on your site or with you downline. Be sure to ask people for feedback and constructive criticism and you’re well on your way to creating a vast video marketing library. Good luck!

Four Simple Ways to Generate Leads


In our constantly connected social media world, it’s easy to forget that effective marketing and lead generation can take place offline. Share the opportunity and .WS domain with your network. If you find some people uninterested, dig deeper to see who they know who might be interested. Your friends can then refer these people directly to you to find out more. These referred people are great, qualified leads.

Your Website and Contact Form

Adding a contact form to your site is a simple way to generate leads. People can easily input their information that will go directly to your email, allowing you to follow up with anyone who has reached out to you through your site. Simple ways to get people to fill out contact forms are asking them if they would like to learn more or to leave any questions. Get creative with your contact form but don’t overstep your bounds.

Free Education and Reports

This is something you may have seen on many websites and not thought twice about it. But free reports, information, and education that you have to sign up for are usually lead generating tools for these sites. So take advantage of it for yourself. Create a small breakdown of what you have learned working with GDI and how others can benefit and offer that as a free report to anyone who requests it. You will be getting contact information from the requester and helping them to get started. Any bit of education you can offer can count as a free report, so start creating them and sharing them with your new leads!


Much like free reports, video is just another way to share your unique knowledge of GDI experience while creating a bigger online presence. Positioning yourself as a thought leader is a great way to generate leads. Create videos that showcase your knowledge and entice people to find out more. Present clear information for people to take the next steps to contact you to learn more.


Your Top Webinar Questions from April 24th

Q: What is a good SEO that’s easy to use for video marketing?
A: SEO for video marketing can refer to utilizing video to drive SEO and traffic to your site or SEO for just your videos. Here are a few tips to help you achieve both.

Title and Description

Create a title that not only describes what your video offers, but uses the right keywords to drive people to your video. Google offers a Keyword Tool to help you figure out which words might be best to include in your title to attract more search visitors. Your title should be short and to the point, but your description can be longer and include more details about your video and you.


YouTube allows you to use tags to better classify your video on YouTube and take advantage of keywords. Once you have figured out your keywords in the step above, populate them into your tags. Be sure to use descriptive tags to ensure the right people are finding your video.

Sharing Your Video

Share your video as much as possible to get views on more sites than just the one it is hosted on. You can embed your video into blog posts, share it on social media or link to it in emails to drive more traffic.

Encourage Comments

Comments on videos are a form of interaction that visitors and search engines alike take note of. When you share you video, entice potential visitors and ask them to watch and share their opinions in the comments. You can even take advantage of your description space, asking viewers for their comments and questions.

Q: How quickly can I expect to get a return on my investment?
A: Each affiliate is different. It depends how many hours you put into it and your approach. It is a very small investment, so we encourage everyone to work hard and stick with it.

Q: Hi, is there a tutorial in how to build a Facebook/ GDI business page?
A: Thanks to your question, we’re in the process of creating a video tutorial for that now!