Five Ways to Enjoy Your Vacation and Maintain Your Business

Whether you’re traveling for the holidays or just taking a mental break, here are five simple ways to maintain your business while you take a break.

  1. Set up an auto responder for emails when you’re out of town. This will reply to any incoming emails with a preset message. Keep your message short and let senders know you’ll be in touch soon.
  2. Create blog posts and schedule them to post while you’re way, keeping content fresh and the appearance you’re still working behind the scenes
  3. Let your downline know you’ll be away form email and phone for sometime and direct them to other resources to help them, like this blog or our Support Team.
  4. Include a signup link in your auto responder and any profile. You don’t need to post on social media that you’re traveling, but be sure a link to your WebSite is easy to see so people can join while you’re away.
  5. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can easily access .WS email on your smartphone to stay on top of your business form afar. .WS mobile email supports Apple iOS and Android.

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