GDI Big Tippers Third Entry Period Voting

Vote for the favorite entry. The top tip with the most voted will win $100. Click here for full contest rules.  Voting is from Dec 11th-15th.

GDI Big Tippers Third Entry Period Voting

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1. Soy un novato, estoy iniciando de cero,pero estoy muy entu siasmado con GDI,se que el entusiasmo me llevará hacia el éxito. -Manuel Fernandez Vilchez

2. I focus on Internet Marketing and Coaching my team for them to work effectively. I will take most of teaching downline to know use the system and tools. because I understand that. This is the most important thing in this business. I focus on quality then amount of people joining. -Apirak Meethong

3. Here’s my TIP: Most people join the program because of the opportunity, so what I do is share the bonuses that the program offers and walk my sign ups through it. Then explain to them that these are just a bonuses and there’s a long term income that they are slowly building while enjoying these bonuses. -Aaron Mecua

4. This is a simple technique that I’m used to do business. The only thing I hold on to the business is to work with commitment and dedicated. No matter what will you do, it will certainly succeed. Observe, remember, and apply. -Kimhan Nakprom

5. Use many social networks to share your GDI business. Some folks like certain networks over others. Don’t just get stuck on one. -Rob Dawson

6. Get or make business cards inviting people to the splash page, then hand them out to everyone, everywhere you go, and leave them around. I’ve left them at Dr. offices, waiting rooms, break rooms, anywhere you can find a board or table is a perfect place. –Lori Scott

7. TIP: Have some fun and be creative in the ways you encourage people to see what you have to offer. For example, we’ve been encouraging people to “click us in the face” when they visit this blog page we’re developing. -Keith Bless

8. Tip: Set realistic goals and do what ever it takes to accomplish them. –Michael Dawson

9. Be Trustworthy, Be Helpful, Be Transparent, Try Different Programs, Be Patient, Stay Relevant, Content Comes First –Chaly Charles

10. After you join GDI go to your members area watch the Tutorials, learn about the bonuses and contact your upline with any questions. Get connected on Facebook & twitter to get tips and advice & to interact with GDI on product news, and get answers to any questions you may have. Most important never give up, believe in yourself and dedicate a minimum of 1 hour a day to your GDI business. Help and support others! –Deborah Mille Campbell

11. Sponsoring people is very important! Be polite to them not only till they register but more over after they are your colleagues in GDI! This is my tip! –Istvan Jakab

12. I’m promoting GDI a lot with Traffic Exchanges and mailing list, all free of charge. Also I’m writing and publishing a blog with the correct bonuses of the time, like now I’m promoting the $25 learning bonus. –Neer Komm

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