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From our tutorials, to webinars to our popular marketing movies, GDI uses a lot of video. Video is a powerful tool on the internet as it can get your point across and keep people entertained without forcing them to read a lengthy website. Read on for our tips for getting started with video marketing to promote your GDI opportunity.


Video is great because it can show your prospects and downline you, plain and simply. The internet is great for connecting with a lot of people, but can sometime be impersonal. Video marketing helps to create that more personal feeling and voice. Creating videos for video marketing it also easy, all you need is a webcam or even just a mic and recording software to get started. You can simply record yourself delivering your message or answering questions or get more technical by using a desktop recording program to show your computer desktop and explain in videos how to use programs, services and marketing plans for GDI.

Also, editing your videos just got a whole lot easier . If you plan to upload your video on YouTube, the website has now added a simple editing service, so you don’t even need ot have a program and your computer. How easy is that!?

How to Use It

Use video marketing anywhere you might consider putting a lot of text on your website. This way, all the information you are presenting doesn’t seem so daunting as it’s in video form as opposed to a visitor having to read a long page of text. Also use video marketing as a way to be up-to-date. Regularly tape short videos where you answer common questions or offer tips to someone just getting started with your team and GDI. This will show prospects and your down line that you are active and invested.

How to Get Started

The best way to get started is to just do it! Write a short script and try out a test video, you can always re-record. Once you are satisfied with your product upload it to YouTube or a similar service and share it on your site or with you downline. Be sure to ask people for feedback and constructive criticism and you’re well on your way to creating a vast video marketing library. Good luck!

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