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Flashback Post: Your Best Tips to Succeed wtih GDI

This post originally appeared in October 2011

At GDI, we want to share our best tips for creating your own Income for Life. Some of our best tips often come from experienced affiliates who have been with GDI, made money with GDI and worked through obstacles. So we reached out to you for your best tips. And now we’re sharing them! Check them out below.

Take Your Time to Learn Marketing Strategies from a Good MentorPaul on Facebook

This is a great tip that many tend to bypass. It’s easy to want to jump as fast as you can into a new business, but if you don’t take the time to learn that business, it will be a much slower process for you to succeed. The GDI affiliate program is designed in such a way that everyone should have that mentor. As in the 9-5 corporate world, you need to be careful of who you do business with and do your research. Really talk to someone before you sign up with them to make sure they are committed to you and your success as much as their own. These are the people who will share what works for them and educate their team on marketing tips and strategies to be successful with GDI.

This is the same if you are trying to get someone to join your team. Show that you are capable of being that great mentor and helping your entire team grow and thrive. Take the time to educate your team members on what you have learned so that they have the chance to be as successful as you.

Promote on You Tube, You Will Have Access to EveryoneJoseph on Facebook

This is just another reason why video marketing is so popular. When you create video, you want to add it to your personal GDI site, but also make sure it is available on YouTube. This way you will be open to people who are browsing YouTube and learning more, but haven’t quite made it to GDI or your specific site yet. This opens a whole new potential network for you and as Joseph said gives you access to everyone in the world (who is browsing YouTube of course!). Combined with easy access, YouTube videos are also very easy to share and embed anywhere.

Stay Determined and FocusedSilas on Facebook

We talked about this recently, but it’s important enough to repeat. To succeed in any business you must remain determined and focus on your goals. Setbacks will happen, but it is important to work through them if you ultimately want to be successful. Remember to set goals and focus on them. Perhaps you joined GDI on a whim, not knowing what to expect back. You need to decide what you would like back. Set goals, create a plan to attain them and stay focused and determined!

Get Your Contact List Together and Send Emails Through GDI Darryl on Twitter

This is another important tip that we have covered on the blog before. The Inviter is an awesome tool to quickly get out emails with your GDI website to all of your contacts. The more people you share your opportunity with, the better your odds are for building your team. Log into your Members Area and start using the Inviter today.

Don’t Try to Reinvent the WheelDarryl on Twitter

If you’ve ever attended one of our webinars, this is something you have heard over and over and for good reason! GDI is an easy opportunity and there is no need to overcomplicate it. When you start to overcomplicate things, it’s too hard for your team to understand and replicate that success and you may even be scaring off potential team members. A good way to succeed with GDI is to find out what works for you and how to replicate that simply and easily so that others can be as successful. Talk to your upline or other affiliates and find what works for them, with some trial and error you will find the plan that works for you.

Good luck! Share any tips you think we missed in the comments!

Tips for Affiliate Marketing Beginners

Here are four quick tips for our beginners to help you build Income for Life.

Be a People Person

Affiliate marketing, network marketing, whatever you call it, it’s all about people. When you start with GDI you shouldn’t be looking to just put whoever in your downline, you should be consciously building a strong team. The difference is that a team will work to help each member succeed and keep the success going. To build a team you need to be a people person. This means really connect with the people you want to add to your team and get to know them.  As you take the time to talk with potential team members you will quickly learn who is in it for the long haul or who might quit after one month. Build your team with people interested in being successful together and staying with GDI.

Expand Your Network

Many beginners with GDI often turn to their friends and their family first to sign them up. While this may work for some people, this can often backfire. Don’t attack your friends and family with the opportunity. These people will always be there, and if they do show interest, work with them, but there’s no need to brow beat your friends and family with the opportunity. If you don’t get immediate excitement from your close circle, it’s OK, move one.

You need to step a bit out of your comfort zone to build new networks and get connected with others. Reach out to old coworkers, local small business owners and entrepreneurs. They might be interested in GDI and they might put you in contact with people in their network. Don’t leave GDI just because mom and dad don’t want to sign up, branch out and tap into huge numbers of people.

Schedule Yourself

Many people begin working with GDI and building Income for Life while they are still employed. GDI can be a great source of “extra” income, but be sure to schedule time to build your business of you will never see this income. Set aside time each day or week specifically for GDI to build your business and network. GDI can be done anytime, just make the time for it!

Be Patient

This is a tip we often hear from very successful affiliates: be patient. These affiliates often say that if they had given up in their first week, month or even year when things got hard, they wouldn’t be as successful as they are today. You may start off slow or have slow weeks, but be patient, stick with it and get creative. Just $10 is one of the smallest investments in a business you can make, stick with it and work hard and you’ll start to see results.