Tips for Affiliate Marketing Beginners

Here are four quick tips for our beginners to help you build Income for Life.

Be a People Person

Affiliate marketing, network marketing, whatever you call it, it’s all about people. When you start with GDI you shouldn’t be looking to just put whoever in your downline, you should be consciously building a strong team. The difference is that a team will work to help each member succeed and keep the success going. To build a team you need to be a people person. This means really connect with the people you want to add to your team and get to know them.  As you take the time to talk with potential team members you will quickly learn who is in it for the long haul or who might quit after one month. Build your team with people interested in being successful together and staying with GDI.

Expand Your Network

Many beginners with GDI often turn to their friends and their family first to sign them up. While this may work for some people, this can often backfire. Don’t attack your friends and family with the opportunity. These people will always be there, and if they do show interest, work with them, but there’s no need to brow beat your friends and family with the opportunity. If you don’t get immediate excitement from your close circle, it’s OK, move one.

You need to step a bit out of your comfort zone to build new networks and get connected with others. Reach out to old coworkers, local small business owners and entrepreneurs. They might be interested in GDI and they might put you in contact with people in their network. Don’t leave GDI just because mom and dad don’t want to sign up, branch out and tap into huge numbers of people.

Schedule Yourself

Many people begin working with GDI and building Income for Life while they are still employed. GDI can be a great source of “extra” income, but be sure to schedule time to build your business of you will never see this income. Set aside time each day or week specifically for GDI to build your business and network. GDI can be done anytime, just make the time for it!

Be Patient

This is a tip we often hear from very successful affiliates: be patient. These affiliates often say that if they had given up in their first week, month or even year when things got hard, they wouldn’t be as successful as they are today. You may start off slow or have slow weeks, but be patient, stick with it and get creative. Just $10 is one of the smallest investments in a business you can make, stick with it and work hard and you’ll start to see results.

6 thoughts on “Tips for Affiliate Marketing Beginners”

  1. i have started and i have been with the business for a few months have only gotten one person and i felt happy at first but it all stop and have not gotten any more. i am not sure what i am doing wrong or right, i have slowed down because i had to get a job and now i am fighting for time on both work. i am not sure if i am doing the right things to promote my business. i have built my website to promote gdi but am i doing it right? i don’t know i just do it. i feel i need help, but what, how, when where, i don’t know.
    i am getting ready to start my fire again but do have the match’s’
    sign frank hernandez
    thanks for the info

  2. You know this computer stuff is not so bad if you just slow down and take your time. You need to come into a situation like like this with the understanding that you are not going to get rich over night.This will take time , but if you can weather the storme you will be a better pearson for it.

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