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The 7 Minute Movie

Often we get asked what marketing tools, if any, GDI provides to affiliates. People can sometimes get frustrated and say that GDI doesn’t offer any marketing tools, forgetting that they themselves probably learned about GDI and signed up as a result of our most powerful and successful marketing tool to day: the 7 minute movie. The movie is just one of our marketing tools, but is the easiest to use and most successful by far. The 7 minute movie answers the questions that many considering GDI have a presents it in a simple, easy to follow way. If you’ve never seen the movie, check it out here and share.

Your Upline

The second most powerful marketing tool GDI has to offer is your people. Income in network marketing comes from your network which is made up of people. Ask those people in your upline what tools they use to be successful, ask yourself what drew you to GDI and try to replicate that power.

The Trial

What better way to market an opportunity like GDI than letting people try it out? This is how the 7 day trial works. If people still aren’t convinced after talking with you, seeing your site and watching the movie, invite them to try out GDI for free to see all that GDI has to offer.

The Inviter

The GDI Inviter that all members have access to is also a great hands off marketing tool. If you’re a basic member, simply input the email addresses of people you would like to check out your page and learn more and GDI does the rest of the work for you. Even better if you’re a premium member, the Inviter can grab email addresses right from your personal email account, allow you to decide which people you want to invite and send the emails out for you. It’s hands free, minimal time direct marketing, provided to you by GDI.

Which marketing tools do you use?

4 thoughts on “Marketing Tools”

  1. I would agree 100%! The Income for Life DVD’s and business cards are also amazing marketing tools provided by the company. They are very professionally made and give you instant credibility. There are very few companies out there that offer marketing tools this professionally made. The best part about it is that these tools literally do all of the selling for you! All you have to do is go out there and find people that are willing to watch the DVD and provide their feedback. And each and every one of us comes in contact with hundreds of people each and every day who are all potential prospects of GDI. You just have to be willing to step outside of your comfort zone and talk to people. For me I have found the easiest and most effective way to do this is to ask people for their help. (Most people are willing to offer to help you out especially if its something simple and especially if you already have built a good relationship with them.) This is a non-intrusive approach and lets the GDI Movie do all the selling.

    So here is exactly what I say:

    “Hi ___, can I ask for your help with something? I don’t know if you are aware, but I am affiliated with a company named Global Domains International. My job is to get as many people as I can to watch a movie and get their honest feedback. It would really mean a lot to me if you could help me with this. (Once they agree, give them the DVD & your business card) I will be in touch with you in the next few days to get your feedback and to arrange pick up the DVD. I really appreciate the time and attention you give to this.”

    And that’s it. I let the DVD do all the selling. After that I will simply follow up with them in a few days and ask them what they thought. If they are interested I answer any questions they have and sign them up. If they are not interested I simply thank them for their time, pickup the DVD and move on to the next person. Expect that some people will say no…that is just part of this business. Always remember that “Some will, some won’t, so what, someone’s waiting.”

    When I first started with GDI I really overcomplicated things and tried to reinvent the wheel in so many unnecessary ways. From trying to setup fancy autoresponders, sales funnels, use advanced marketing techniques, like PPC, SEO, email marketing campaigns, and trying to creating my own flyers and websites; I found myself wasting countless hours going in circles chasing my tail but not getting many sign-ups. And I think this happens to many affiliates. We hear about all of these fancy marketing strategies and try to do it all right out of the gate. What we have to remember is that those are all great marketing tools to help support and expand our business once we are up and running, but should not be the starting point for us. Realistically most of us don’t have the capital necessary to sustain those types of complex marketing campaigns. So we have to keep it simple and start with the basics. And it doesn’t get any simpler than asking someone for their help. Set a goal every day to ask a certain number of people for their help and watch your DVD or go to your website and watch your movie. And teach your downline to do the very same thing! This is the simplest and most effective way to get started with GDI. Trust me, you will be amazed at how effective this. Keep it simple and achieve success!

  2. Hi,

    I just wanted to say thankyou for the advice in this article, I was doing everyting you mentioned and getting very frustratrd about not getting many signups. I have joined so many safelists and exchanged that it was taking up most of my time.


  3. so let me get this right and bare with me because im new to GDI and this is all confusing to me. I just refer people to watch the video on one of my websites? is that how i earn money?

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