Common Setbacks and Solutions

A Slow Month

Whether it’s your first month or you’ve been with GDI for years, a slow month is bound to happen every now and then. The most important thing to do when this happens is to not get discouraged. This is a major issue with our new affiliates who start a little slow out of the gate, but don’t worry, it’s common and those who are successful simply work through it. Take a slow month as a sign that you need to switch up your marketing or strategy or simply need to put more hours into you work. One of these will certainly pay off. Remember, when you work with GDI, you are creating your own business. If a real business had a slow month or two would they just show down? No, they would adjust and push forward, as should you. And remember the “investment” to start your own business with GDI is a tiny fraction of what it would be to start a business with out it. So work through the slow months and stick with it.

You’re Not Computer Savvy

GDI is aware that while most marketing for the opportunity occurs online, not all affiliates are at teh same level of skills when it comes to creating a website and marketing online. That’s why GDI has presented the tools here for you to create your own site and market easily, no background knowledge requires. To create your own professional looking site with little knowledge, simply log in to your Members Area and then to SiteBuilder. SiteBuilder will take you through the creation of your site step by step, asking you to input information, chose a layout and a template, helping you to easily create your own site. GDI also offers “out of the box” tools to help you market simply with no need for a marketing or advertising degree. These tools include ready to add banners, buttons and movies as well as our Inviter which will send email invitations to your opportunity for you.

Can’t Get in Touch with Your Upline

One of the keys to a successful network marketing venture is communication and a good team. These are hard to have if you can’t get in touch with your upline. To combat this, we provide you with all of your upline’s contact information. Simply log into you Members Area and click on Upline in the left hand navigation for this information. You can even head over to Live Chat to start and instant conversation with any members of your upline or downline that are available. Finally, remember to be a good, responsive upline yourself!

What setbacks have you worked through with GDI?

6 thoughts on “Common Setbacks and Solutions”

  1. Setback number one is really a show stopper for so many people. And it’s quite unfortunate. Tim Sebert once said, in one of the webinars, imagine what would happen if everyone referred just one person a month to GDI.

    Well, I did the math and it came to well over 10K a month in residual monthly income. Over 10K! It was actually a little over 12K if memory serves, but regardless…

    Does 1 person a month sound like a slow month? To many people it sure does. But extend that one person a month over 18 months and see what happens.

    Of course, keep in mind that is just if every person on your team, yourself included, referred just one person a month. But in my mind that is the perfect example of being persistent despite that slow month.

    And great advice! Does it seem slow? Then push it further. A mentor of mine once said that if you think you’re doing enough, you’re not even close to doing enough. The heavy hitters, the real stars, they don’t just hope things happen. They make it happen! By pushing themselves, by working hard, and by being persistent.

    It can be hard to hold on, can’t it? I’m sure most people can agree to that, especially if you don’t see results for a bit. But truthfully, $10 a month? And if you just work, if you just stay persistent and really try… wow.

    When GDI says “Unlimited Income Potential” they truly are not kidding.

    Thanks for the post, the motivation and the advice!

    Vincent Parker

  2. Hi, I’ve joined GDI for about 2 months now. Yes, I’m a bit frustrated with the result as until now nobody seems interested to join it with me. Is there any other way for me to make money with this programe other than attracting people to join it? I mean, any other way that organize by GDI which I didn’t realize? As at now, I’m only using the tools provided to build a website & have my own email address besides looking for people to join. I did communicate with my upline but it seems that they are trying to introduce me to some sort of ‘paid advice’ for it. One of the reason I join this programe is because it promised to guide for successfull. Do I really need to pay for it? Hopefully,somebody wil sincerely answer this. I’m not asking for charity though. It just that, I really thought it is about teamwork? Or have I misunderstood it?? hmm.. Oh! By the way, I’m not a premium member. I’m not ready to pay more where I’ve not even made a single penny for it. Thanks!

  3. I think this is great motivation, I have looked on Vincent Parker blog and he has great information. To answer your question dihalisa, you do not have to pay for information! Like the article says stay presistent. Learn marketing tools goggle marketing and see what works for you. One I use is article marketing, write an article on GDI and post it at article directories. use social media, I like to pass our fliers. get business cards from local community boards. Promote your business, and generates leads all for FREE! Highly recommended for Network Marketers or small business owners. See how it works and get started for FREE here:

  4. Dhalisa, I’m aggree with Raymond, there so many differents tools for doing this bussiness, in case your uplines doesn’t contact you, you can contact directly to GDI

  5. Check out the different products on my website to see what there is to offer. When people decide not to keep an item they bought.

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