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Social Sharing

Social media is designed for sharing, whether you’re sharing a news story, pictures, or you’re your location, there’s a site or an app to help you do that. That’s why social media is a perfect fit for affiliate marketing where you are always sharing your opportunity. Take advantage of social media and social sharing.

Facebook Sharing

Facebook has recently unveiled a new feature that allows you to quickly share status updates, photos and links that you or someone else has posted. When you share a great post or a good link, encourage people to click that little button to share it with their friends, giving your more exposure and more traffic. Likewise, don’t be afraid to share a great post by someone else. If you see something helpful, share it!

Share Button for WordPress

You see it at the end of every single one of our blog posts: it’s the ShareThis button. This is a WordPress plugin that you can easily add allowing others to share your content. When you install the plugin, it will automatically populate the Share This button at the bottom of each of your blog posts. With ShareThis, your visitors can easily link to and share you blog post on Facebook, Twitter, through email or any number of social bookmarking sites. It makes sharing easy and takes a few minutes to install and seconds to use.

Share Videos

Video is important to affiliate marketing as we’ve talked about here and here. So why not share your video you’ve spent time making. YouTube allows you to share videos simply with their share button. You can even easily embed videos to your website, just click share and an embed link will appear. You can share any video, so if you see a great webinar you want to share with your time, simply click share to get the short link.

Social Proof: Do You Have It?

What is Social Proof?

Social proof is the verification of a business, idea or practice by other users. When it comes to GDI and affiliate marketing, this refers to the testimonials, emails and confirmation you receive that affirm that GDI works and that your team is legitimate. Having social proof is a great way to put new and potential team members at ease and build faith in your business. There a few easy ways you can start building social proof right now.


Testimonials are a simple way to show social proof and are very easy to acquire. If you have a satisfied team member or any person you have worked with, reach out to them and ask for a few words on their experience with you. Compile all these notes with the names of each person who submitted them and share them in a section on your website. This common practice for businesses and anyone visiting you site will know where to find real opinions from real people who have worked with you. GDI does this, too!


At GDI, we are lucky enough to receive lots of positive comments on the blog and our Facebook page. These comments show social proof to anyone visiting either site, but why not take it a step further? If you get a great comment on your blog, take a screen shot and feature it on your next blog post or a side bar in your web page. These comments will show visitors that others are having a positive experience working with you.

Have you been using social proof all along? Tell us about it!