Why You Need Video

GDI is a firm believer in the power of video for internet marketing. That’s why our most popular marketing tool is our 7 minute movie. We invite all of our affiliates to use this video on their own sites to encourage sign ups and build their network. But your use if video doesn’t have to stop at the 7 minute movie, as many kinds of videos are powerful marketing tools. We share our top reasons and ideas for videos below.

Show You’re Real

When it comes to building your network we encourage you to do so online and offline. While online may be easier and the way of the future for much of network marketing, it’s easy to lose that personal touch when dealing with people. New signups may feel like they are just dealing with a computer rather than a person. Videos are a great way to get that human touch back. Create a welcome video for all new prospects or even try something like Skype to chat live “face to face” with your new sign up or interested team members.

Offer Education and Support Quickly

Video is a simple way to answer those frequent questions your team may ask and help them learn more on a regular basis. If you don’t feel like writing long blog posts, or answering the same question over and over, take out the web cam and do your own short question and answer to address these issues. Your team will appreciate it and those interested in joining GDI may stumble across it too!

Expand Your Reach

When you create videos you are expanding your reach across another medium. Not only will you post your videos on your website, but they also can be found on YouTube or any video site you use to host them. Users can find your videos and learn more about your opportunity in a simple way. Adding video to your web page is anther great way to grab people and keep them coming back as long as you are updating your videos.

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