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Four Ways to Manage Your Online Reputation

Your online reputation plays a big role in building your business. Learn four ways to manage it.

1. Take the lead. Instead of waiting for others to talk about you, give them something to talk about. Share your success on your website and blog. Post your Virtual ID Card on your website so other can see your success. Create videos and blogs that are helpful and share your message before someone shares it for you.

2. Respond quickly and thoughtfully. When downline members or prospects have questions, you’re on the clock. You need to answer and assist people quickly and thoughtfully. Each moment you wait to help someone who needs it, your reputation takes a hit.

3. Manage bad feedback. Unpleasant feedback is almost inevitable, but it can quickly be resolved with some effort on your part. If a downline member is unhappy, or a prospect sours, take the time to address their issues. Respect their opinions and work to find a solution. If you just write them off, your reparation could suffer as a result.

4. Play to your strengths. You don’t have to be the best at everything to have a good online presence and reputation. If video is your comfort zone, put your effort into making great YouTube videos and save blogging for someone else. Work on creating content your love and working with services you understand. It’s better to have one quality output than multiple not so great offerings.

Use this LinkedIn Feature to Build Your Online Reputation

We’ve posted before about ways your LinkedIn profile can help yLinkedIn Featureou grow your business, but did you know it can also help you manage your reputation? One LinkedIn feature does just that, and though it may take a little extra work, the benefits can be huge. That feature is the recommendations feature. Recommendations on LinkedIn appear within your profile and can come from anyone who can vouch for your work at a specific job or business venture. These recommendations show proof of your work and abilities and help your profile stand out.

So how do you get a recommendation? Log in to your LinkedIn profile and then navigate to the Profile tab. Here you will see a drop down that includes Recommendations. Once you click on Recommendations, you will see a listing of your positions and work past and present. Select a position and a coworker who can has the knowledge to endorse your work at that company. This recommendation will now appear on your profile. It’s important to connect with other GDI affiliates on LinkedIn and your team members so fellow affiliates can recommend you and share the success they had with you.

For a step by step guide to recommendations, visit LinkedIn’s FAQ on the subject.