10 Quick Tips to Manage Your Online Reputation and Work Towards Longevity

Two things that are extremely important in affiliate marketing are your reputation and the length of your relationships with team members. Longevity and a great reputation will help to grow your business and keep it strong into the future. To celebrate Friday, we’re sharing 10 quick tips to achieve both.

Online Reputation

  1. Google your full name, screen name, and email to see what’s out there. Work to address any bad feedback there may be and promote and share the good.
  2. Get active on social media. Share news, advice, and information that may be helpful to anyone looking for an affiliate opportunity.
  3. Respond to tweets, emails, and Facebook postings aimed out you. This shows not only are you listening, but you care enough to respond.
  4. Share your successes. If you’ve had a great week, month, year or whatever be sure to share in on your blog and broadcast it to anyone listening.
  5. Be a thought leader. This means staying ahead of trends and actively sharing information on new tactics and approaches.


  1. Look at your downline as part of your team and work together with them to build mutual success.
  2. Reach out to your team before they need your help. Check in with each team member to assure them they are valuable.
  3. Respond to complaints and questions quickly. An unanswered question or plea for help can be the tipping point for many team members to give up.
  4. Get inventive. Don’t be satisfied with just doing things the same old way. Get creative with your team and share new ideas and build new plans for success.
  5. Set goals for your team. How can you truly succeed if you don’t know what your goals are? Work with your team to continually set new and future goals.

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