LinkedIn for GDI and Affiliate Marketing

LinkedIn is a great way to establish yourself online with a profile that is essentially your online, ever growing resume. Your profile is free to build and can showcase your special skills, experience and past and current positions and can even be synched to social media sites like Twitter and your blog.

What it’s good for

LinkedIn is great to connect with other network marketers and people interested in new marketing and business opportunities. You can create or join groups that may be related to GDI, affiliate marketing or just new business opportunities. Groups can help you with tips from people who have been there and gives you the chance to ask questions of other professionals. The best aspect is that these groups can also be used to directly connect with others just like you.

How it’s unique

LinkedIn is unique in that it focuses more on professional networking rather than just social networking. LinkedIn gives you a chance to have nay business contacts in one place, kind of like and online rolodex.

Ways to use it

Utilize your profile to post updates about your work and accomplishments just like you would on Twitter or Tumblr. LinkedIn is a great way to connect with other affiliates, even the ones that haven’t joined GDI just yet. LinkedIn will show you degrees of connections with other professionals. Someone you may think will be a good contact may be a contact of one of your connections. Simply ask to be introduced and you can start a great dialogue and connect with tons of new people that may be helpful in building your business Lastly, LinkedIn can replace all those business cards floating in your wallet and connect you permanently with contacts you have met in person. The bonus of this is that you can stay with a contact as they change jobs as well.

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