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Sharing Your Virtual ID Card

The new Virtual ID Card in your Members Area tells prospects more about you and shares your rank and success within GDI. The Virtual ID Card can be seen when new affiliates go through the sign up process, but you can also choose to share it in more places like your website, blog, or anywhere you’d like. Here’s how to show off your Virtual ID card.

  1. Log in to your Members Area and navigate to Banners in the left hand side navigation.
  2. Your Virtual ID Card will be the first banner in the Banners section
  3. Make sure the Virtual ID Card shows the information you want (to adjust what is shown, head to Contact Preferences)
  4. Copy the code listed.
  5. Paste the code anywhere that supports HTML, this might be on your blog, your SiteBuilder site or any WebSite you’re working on
  6. Check your work and share your site!

Simple Free Tools for Affiliates

smWhen building your business online, there’s never a shortage of new technology to know or ways to make what you do easier and simpler. Here are a few free tools we like to grow and manage your online business.


If you’re active on multiple social networks, or have multiple accounts, HootSuite is for you. According to their website, “HootSuite helps teams engage with audiences and analyze campaigns across multiple social networks from one secure web-based dashboard.”

HootSuite allows you to view interactions across multiple social networks at once, schedule postings ahead of time, shorten links, and create profiles. HootSuite rests right in your browser and makes it so you wont miss posts, tweets or interactions from all of your networks.


Codeacademy is for anyone who wants to learn how to use HTML.  The company’s website says, “Codecademy is a team of hackers working hard to build a better way for anyone to teach, and learn, how to code. We’re determined to succeed in realizing our mission to turn a world of tech consumers into one of empowered builders.”

Codeacademy offers simple lessons and instructions to help you begin using HTML. Codeacademy can help give you the skills to create a better looking website and manage existing code.


If Photoshop just isn’t in your budget, there’s a myriad of free photo editing services online. We like FotoFlexer. Their tagline is that they are “The world’s most online image editor.” With tools and effects similar to those offered in Photoshop, the site allows you to perform almost any edit.

It’s user friendly and thanks to many users helpful tutorials and instructions are easy to find. Use FotoFlexer to edit photos you want to use on your site, blogs or even things like business cards and materials.

SiteBuilder as a Selling Point

Based on a poll we just ran on our Facebook page, many of you take advantage of SiteBuilder to create and maintain your websites. SiteBuilder is GDI’s built in website building tool and is designed so anyone can build a site in just minutes. Because of this, SiteBuilder is a great “selling” point. But since GDI requires no selling, we’ll call it a great marketing point. Read on for SiteBuilder’s big benefits to help you market it.

It’s Simple

No code and no special skills required, SiteBuilder allows you to build entire website pages with just a few clicks of the mouse. As long as someone has basic computer knowledge, they can build a great site with our SiteBuilder. For someone hesitant of all the work that comes with a website, this is huge selling point.

It’s Quick

Many people will think they don’t have the time to devote to building an entire website, but SiteBuilder changes that. GDI’s SiteBuilder does so much of the work for you that you can build several pages out completely in a short period of time. Better yet, with no code, there’s no need to constantly check back and make sure everything is working right. GDI’s SiteBuilder is designed to be hands off and glitch free once you build your site.


What is one reason SiteBuilder is so simple and so quick? Our templates. GDI’s professionally designed templates take the guess work out of designing your website. You can choose form template categories based on your site’s theme and then chose from specific page designs. We’ve taken the guess work out, but left you with so much freedom to customize your site.

GDI Tools

Once you have the text, photos, and design of your page set up, it’s time to add the extras to make your page stand out. Ads, banners, videos and more can help your page be successful. But you don’t have to scour the internet and learn how to add this all to your page. GDI Tools in SiteBuilder provides you with banners, buttons, movies and more. All of these can be added to your page with a simple “drag and drop.”