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Sharing Your Virtual ID Card

The new Virtual ID Card in your Members Area tells prospects more about you and shares your rank and success within GDI. The Virtual ID Card can be seen when new affiliates go through the sign up process, but you can also choose to share it in more places like your website, blog, or anywhere you’d like. Here’s how to show off your Virtual ID card.

  1. Log in to your Members Area and navigate to Banners in the left hand side navigation.
  2. Your Virtual ID Card will be the first banner in the Banners section
  3. Make sure the Virtual ID Card shows the information you want (to adjust what is shown, head to Contact Preferences)
  4. Copy the code listed.
  5. Paste the code anywhere that supports HTML, this might be on your blog, your SiteBuilder site or any WebSite you’re working on
  6. Check your work and share your site!