Oct 222012

A Page for Your Team

GDI’s Facebook Page allows us to connect with many of our affiliates as well as potential affiliates and fans all at once. Your team Facebook Page can serve the same purpose. Create a Facebook Page for yourself and your downline members. Use the page to stay in touch with your team as well as to tout successes and share any news or ideas. As you build out your page and you and your team become active, it becomes a great marketing tool. Link potential team members to your team Facebook Page as an easy way for them to learn more and get proof of your achievements. Don’t know how to build a Facebook Page? Watch the video below.

Fill Out Job Information

Your Facebook profile allows you to add job information if you please. Take advantage of this to publicize your work with GDI in a subtle way. Visitors to your profile can see you’re a GDI affiliate and reach out to you to learn more. To add your job information, go to your Facebook profile, click About and then Edit and Add Job.

Don’t Spam

Facebook is a way to connect with people and start conversations. Conversations are never started with link blasting and SPAM. With Facebook’s feature that allows people to control what they see in their news feed, uninvited content could get you hidden forever. Share your successes and news, but don’t junk up your friend’s news feeds with useless links.

Jun 042012
  1. Follow GDI on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest. We have profiles on all the big social sites and are always happy to chat with you, answer your questions and share news and advice.
  2. Decide which sites work for you and sign up. There’s a new social network popping up every single day, but that doesn’t mean you have to join. Make sure you’re on the “big” ones like the sites listed above and then decide if you’d like to join any other. Social networks can be very niche oriented and specific to interests, so join the ones you like and leave the rest behind.
  3. Follow and interact with thought leaders, industry leaders and successful networkers. Take the time to do searches on social networks to find out who is offering great content and is interacting with others. These are the people you stand to gain something from by tweeting and connecting with them.
  4. Use your links wisely. Include links to your website and GDI opportunity in your profiles and share them in posts. Be sure NOT to link blast, spam or just throw your link into any post or comment. Be sure to have thoughtful comments and posts and relevant links, this will drive traffic to your site and keep you out of trouble.
  5. Create content that is meant to be shared. One of the main perks of social media sites is how quickly and easily tweets, posts, or videos can go viral. For something to get shared again and again, it must be great content. Take the time to write smart posts, great videos and educational tweets. Once you have something you want to share, do so and ask your followers to share as well. Just asking can go a long way in social media.

Mar 192012

Affiliate and network marketers have a great presence on Twitter. Affiliate marketing is a great match for social media and Twitter is no exception. If you haven’t gotten started with Twitter just yet, sign up and get connected with other marketers. Once you’re on Twitter, it’s time to get in the conversation and start building up a following to share your ideas and business with. Build your following with our tips.

Retweet Great Posts

The first step is to follow people you find interesting, admire, or just want to learn more from and then retweet their posts! Retweeting is great because it shares great info, gives the original poster credit and creates a sort of introduction. If someone is using a listening software like Tweetdeck, or they take the time to look in their Twitter account under “You tweets retweeted” they will see you shared their post and most likely tweet back to you and then follow you.

Ask Questions

Ask your followers questions to get them to interact with you. You will get feedback and an added bonus of exposure. When someone tweets back to you, it will show up in their timeline, so that their followers see that they are in a conversation with you. With any luck, their followers may check you out and follow you too if they are inline with your ideas and message.

Tweet Trending Topics

Tweeting trending topics is another way to get in on the conversation. Trending topics are those words and phrases you see on the left hand side of your Twitter homepage “trending topics.” Find a way to work some of these phrases into your tweets, so whenever anyone clicks on the keyword or phrase in the trending topics list, there is a chance your tweets will come up, allowing for more exposure for your account.

Share Great Media

Don’t just share tweets, but share media. This means upload photos of your business, screenshots of things you are working on and video. Reward people following you on Twitter with an inside look. You want to offer people something a little more for taking the time to follow you, so photos and even short videos are a great way to do this.

Create and Share Content

Lastly, let the Twitterverse know every time you’ve shared a blog or updated your site. Having a link in a Twitter update is always a great idea and gives people a call to action.