Facebook Marketing Advice for Affiliates

A Page for Your Team

GDI’s Facebook Page allows us to connect with many of our affiliates as well as potential affiliates and fans all at once. Your team Facebook Page can serve the same purpose. Create a Facebook Page for yourself and your downline members. Use the page to stay in touch with your team as well as to tout successes and share any news or ideas. As you build out your page and you and your team become active, it becomes a great marketing tool. Link potential team members to your team Facebook Page as an easy way for them to learn more and get proof of your achievements. Don’t know how to build a Facebook Page? Watch the video below.

Fill Out Job Information

Your Facebook profile allows you to add job information if you please. Take advantage of this to publicize your work with GDI in a subtle way. Visitors to your profile can see you’re a GDI affiliate and reach out to you to learn more. To add your job information, go to your Facebook profile, click About and then Edit and Add Job.

Don’t Spam

Facebook is a way to connect with people and start conversations. Conversations are never started with link blasting and SPAM. With Facebook’s feature that allows people to control what they see in their news feed, uninvited content could get you hidden forever. Share your successes and news, but don’t junk up your friend’s news feeds with useless links.

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