May 242013

downlineIf you’re new to GDI and want to take advantage of our affiliate program, you might have a few questions. The biggest of these questions being “How do I build my downline?” There’s no exact science, but we can help you with the logistics. Here’s how you add people to your downline with three of our different website options.

Replicated Sites

GDI’s Replicated Sites can be found in your Members Area under My Replicated Sites. These replicated sites are readymade websites that don’t require any editing. Select your favorite Replicated Site to show whenever someone visits your .ws domain. Each replicated site shares different information about GDI and has a button for a potential downline member to signup. When they click this button and complete the signup process they will become part of your downline.


To build and utilize a SiteBuilder site for your domain, choose Build Your WebSite in your Members Area. As you build your website, you will see the option for adding an email address and phone number. This way, potential downline members who visit your site can contact you to learn more or sign up. To give visitors and option to begin the signup process from your site, click Add on Page in your SiteBuilder editor and select GDI Tools. Here you have the option to add banners and signup buttons. These are already configured to your information and will direct potential downline members to your signup when they click.


WordPress gives you much more freedom, so how you direct visitors to your sign up link is up to you. Many templates have space for contact forms, links and HTML. Here you can add your email and phone or link directly to your signup link and order flow. You can find these links in your Members Area.

Mar 092012

Longevity means long life. In network marketing it refers to the long life of your team members. Team members who stay with you for a long time help you to Build Income for Life. While increasing sign ups and building your downline is important, it is equally important to keep those already on your team involved and successful. In many cases it is easier to keep someone on your team rather than to find a new sign up for your team. Your long lasting team members will also have a better understanding of GDI and a larger network. Here a three ways to work towards that long life with your team members.

Keep Lines of Communication Open

Getting new sign ups can be hard work, but this is no reason to ignore your current downline members. Be sure current members know how to contact you. When you get a new email address or phone number, keep them in the loop with this information. If you haven’t heard from a team member in a while and they seem inactive, it’s up to you to reach out to them. It is just as important to occasionally reach out to team members as it is for them to be able to contact you.

Get Inventive

The world of network marketing is always changing, so its important to change accordingly. If you and your team members have been with GDI for a long period of time, it’s important not to get into a rut. Doing the same things over and over again for marketing will get you the same results, if not diminishing results. To get bigger returns for you and your team, get inventive with marketing and team building strategies. Sharing these ideas with your team will keep them engaged and active.

Work Together

Working together combines the first two tips. What better way to get creative and keep in contact with your team members than working together. Your downline should feel like they are a part of a team, not just a cog in a wheel. Working together keeps them interested in GDI and their team and helps to give them more power over their success, success that will help to keep them on board.