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Q&A: Does GDI Offer Training?

GDI offers training in a few different ways. First you can sit in on one of webinars we offer every Tuesday at www.register.gdiwebinars.ws . You can also visit www.gdiwebinars.ws for past webinars. Each webinar starts with a great session that aims to answer all of those questions new users of GDI might have. The second part of the webinar offers timely tips like how to best use Facebook for your .ws domain and how to get the best use of newly added features. Best of all, each webinar offers you a chance to have your questions answered live by some of our most prolific GDI users.

A second way to get “training” is to speak with your upline. GDI is a unique opportunity in that you have people who have “been there done that” right at your fingertips. Your upline can be a wealth of information and it is a good idea to establish a great relationship with them. That way anytime you have a question or need advice, there is someone who is making the GDI program work for them to help you. At GDI we emphasize the importance of communication in success. Communication is essential with your upline and downline. Keep those lines open and get your heads together every now and then to help your .ws business continue to power forward. Business is about relationships, GDI gives you an opportunity to build some great ones.