Longevity: One Key to Success

What is it?

Longevity in network marketing refers to the length of time you can keep team members. Ideally, once you sign up a new member in your downline, they would be with you for the length of your business, but anyone who has worked in network marketing knows this is rarely the case. It is easy to get distracted by signing up new people all the time, but don’t forget to pay attention to those already on your team. Keeping those teams members and achieving longevity will give you consistent success (and checks!).

Ways to Work Toward Longevity with All Sign Ups:

Offer Support: When a member of your downline comes to you with questions or challenges, it is important to get back to them and offer your assistance right away. Unresponsive downlines leave people feeling lost and looking to quit. Think of it a customer support, it is not the most glamorous part of a business, but it is essential to keep your customers (or downline) happy and your business thriving!

Reach Out: Don’t always wait for your downline to come to you when they are having trouble. Reach out to your downline before they have to come to you. Check in with your team members on a regular schedule to get a feel of how their doing and get their feedback and input. This will not only keep your downline happy and interested, but also help you tweak and change your business for the better.

Educate and Grow Together: There are many resources out there to learn more about GDI and tools and tricks for network marketing, like our webinar series. Make it a point for you and your team members to attend webinars to ensure you are learning and growing together. You can also provide your own educational videos and blogs to help your downline grow and stay with you to achieve that longevity.

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