Take Control of Your Online Identity

Your online reputation plays a big role in building your business. Learn four ways to manage it.

1. Take the lead. Instead of waiting for others to talk about you, give them something to talk about. Share your success on your website and blog. Post your Virtual ID Card on your website so other can see your success. Create videos and blogs that are helpful and share your message before someone shares it for you.

2. Respond quickly and thoughtfully. When downline members or prospects have questions, you’re on the clock. You need to answer and assist people quickly and thoughtfully. Each moment you wait to help someone who needs it, your reputation takes a hit.

3. Manage bad feedback. Unpleasant feedback is almost inevitable, but it can quickly be resolved with some effort on your part. If a downline member is unhappy, or a prospect sours, take the time to address their issues. Respect their opinions and work to find a solution. If you just write them off, your reparation could suffer as a result.

4. Play to your strengths. You don’t have to be the best at everything to have a good online presence and reputation. If video is your comfort zone, put your effort into making great  videos and save blogging for someone else. Work on creating content your love and working with services you understand. It’s better to have one quality output than multiple not so great offerings.

5 thoughts on “Take Control of Your Online Identity”

  1. The tips offered in these GDI blogs are so important. Do you know why?
    It’s because they are so true. Refer these blogs to your prospects and new down line members. It is proof to them that they will not join and then be forgotten. Tell a new prospect that may be hesitant, to sign up for the 7 day free trial which allows them to enter the back office where tutorials and so much information is there for them. They should not fear their sponsor will not be there for them. When they get to the back office, ask them to read, read, and read. Also they should be reminded, there are four more in their up-line then just their immediate sponsor who are willing to help them.

    This is a business that one is entering because they may desire not having a boss to pressure them. If we sponsor someone, we should be there if they ask, but not pushing them. Life is like a wheel barrel. To move forward, they must push themselves.

  2. Thank you for this wonderful resource. I am richly blessed to be part of this GDI crew. I am barely 2months old but i am already seeing some great signs as my network is growing larger daily. I will continue to spread the word. I am highly motivated right now. God bless.

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