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How Do You Measure Success?

What is your measure of success with GDI? We share a few ways to help measure if you’re moving forward, business practices to keep and what to change.

Hit Logs

This is a crucial tool that is available to our Premium and basic users. Hit logs provide valuable information about the people visiting your site to help you better understand your traffic and your site’s effectiveness. While both Premium and basic users have access to hit logs from the Members Area, Premium users get much more detail with their hit logs. Check out your hit logs to see patterns in people visiting your site and how successful certain campaigns are. Then compare these numbers to your sign up numbers. If you’ve got a good amount of traffic and few sign ups, maybe there is something that needs to be changed on your site.


While sign ups are the direct way to make money with GDI, dialogue is one way to get you to these sign ups. What do we mean by dialogue? Specifically creating a dialogue a with anyone and very interested in GDI and network marketing. Have a good dialogue with your team members to ensure they are successful. Start conversations and answers questions of those people who aren’t on your team to establish yourself as a thought leader and dependable source for GDI information and experience. The more people you have dialogue with, the more touch points you have out and the better chance for sign ups down the line.

Sign Ups

Sign ups are the true sign of success with GDI. But try to go further with your sign ups and do a little research into why people are signing up and what made them join with you versus someone else. This information can help you streamline and target your marketing for your next signup.