Manage Your Online Identity to Promote Growth

Using the internet to grow your business with GDI has never been easier. You can build a presence online and connect with people through your website, blogs, social media sites and much more. But with everything you do online these days, you are creating an internet identity. Read our tips below to make sure your online identity is working with you instead of against you.

Work with Your Team

People talk and review online constantly, and you don’t want a discouraged downline member badmouthing you online to potential new team members. This is one of the many reasons it is important to be a responsive upline and be as helpful as possible to all of your team members. Not only does your success depend on them, but so does your reputation. Don’t let someone else create a bad online identity for you.

Become a Thought Leader

This is a great chance to take the knowledge you know and share it in public online places. Help others on Facebook and Twitter by answering their questions and connecting with them. Share helpful blog posts and respond to inquiries on our forum. People you connect with will trust you and regard you as a thought leader. Also, when people search your name or your team online, they will see how helpful you are, and how you standout above others with the help and support you offer.

Do Your Homework on Yourself

Take your time to search and check up on yourself online to see what is already out there. What kind of identity have you already created without even trying? Try to diffuse any bad reputation you may have gotten with more helpful and open information and kept the good stuff coming if you already have a great online identity. You want your most recent, helpful sites and information to be at the top of results, helping people make a quick decision on whether or not to join your team.

8 thoughts on “Manage Your Online Identity to Promote Growth”

  1. I would like to obtain an access code. I found your video on YouTube, but have no access code or know of any sponsor available. Email me or call me direct at: 682-552-9295.

    Thank you!

    Joe Jimenez
    Fort Worth, TX

    1. oi Joe, sou do Brasil e estava no site da GDI e vi sua pergunta. Você já pertence a GDI ou gostaria

      de fazer parte dela? Estou em dúvida se você está inscrito, caso não e gostaria de fazer parte

      me mande um email que te colocarei em minha raiz. . Desde já agradeço pela atenção. beijos

  2. Hi Ms. Wanda, thank you for visiting my site. I am very excited about GDI (Global Domain Internation) and looking forward to this great business opportunity. You have a great day and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

  3. Joe, did you get logged on at my site . I am sorry that I didn’t answer your question better, about the access code . I am new at this too . All you have to do is to sign up and follow instructions then you should be good to go . I hope that this has helped .contact me at if you like.

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