May 252012

Two things that are extremely important in affiliate marketing are your reputation and the length of your relationships with team members. Longevity and a great reputation will help to grow your business and keep it strong into the future. To celebrate Friday, we’re sharing 10 quick tips to achieve both.

Online Reputation

  1. Google your full name, screen name, and email to see what’s out there. Work to address any bad feedback there may be and promote and share the good.
  2. Get active on social media. Share news, advice, and information that may be helpful to anyone looking for an affiliate opportunity.
  3. Respond to tweets, emails, and Facebook postings aimed out you. This shows not only are you listening, but you care enough to respond.
  4. Share your successes. If you’ve had a great week, month, year or whatever be sure to share in on your blog and broadcast it to anyone listening.
  5. Be a thought leader. This means staying ahead of trends and actively sharing information on new tactics and approaches.


  1. Look at your downline as part of your team and work together with them to build mutual success.
  2. Reach out to your team before they need your help. Check in with each team member to assure them they are valuable.
  3. Respond to complaints and questions quickly. An unanswered question or plea for help can be the tipping point for many team members to give up.
  4. Get inventive. Don’t be satisfied with just doing things the same old way. Get creative with your team and share new ideas and build new plans for success.
  5. Set goals for your team. How can you truly succeed if you don’t know what your goals are? Work with your team to continually set new and future goals.

Mar 072012

Each downline member that joins with your team is a chance for everyone to make money thanks to GDI’s pay outs. However, your job isn’t done once someone signs up with you; in fact this is where the real work begins. A key to success in GDI is the longevity of your team members. One way to achieve this is by working to build the right team step by step. Here are a few things to focus on when you get a new team member.


Whether it’s a random sign up or someone you’ve been talking to for weeks, communication is very important in the beginning. This will not only help your new team member get ramped up and ready to go with GDI, but also give you a feel for their level of interest and commitment. This early communication can help you identify someone who might need a little more help and guidance or someone who is ready to go on their own.



People are going to have questions when they first start with GDI and it’s important for you to address them before they can even ask them. Have education materials ready for new team members like videos, blog posts and emails that address beginner questions. This will help your new team member get started fast and start building income for everyone.





Set personal goals and team goals and be sure they are well known and attainable. Check in with your team often to see their progress and decide if you need to set new goals or even scale them down so they are more attainable. Goals help team members create plans and follow through, a key to success.

Jan 042012

What is it?

Longevity in network marketing refers to the length of time you can keep team members. Ideally, once you sign up a new member in your downline, they would be with you for the length of your business, but anyone who has worked in network marketing knows this is rarely the case. It is easy to get distracted by signing up new people all the time, but don’t forget to pay attention to those already on your team. Keeping those teams members and achieving longevity will give you consistent success (and checks!).

Ways to Work Toward Longevity with All Sign Ups:

Offer Support: When a member of your downline comes to you with questions or challenges, it is important to get back to them and offer your assistance right away. Unresponsive downlines leave people feeling lost and looking to quit. Think of it a customer support, it is not the most glamorous part of a business, but it is essential to keep your customers (or downline) happy and your business thriving!

Reach Out: Don’t always wait for your downline to come to you when they are having trouble. Reach out to your downline before they have to come to you. Check in with your team members on a regular schedule to get a feel of how their doing and get their feedback and input. This will not only keep your downline happy and interested, but also help you tweak and change your business for the better.

Educate and Grow Together: There are many resources out there to learn more about GDI and tools and tricks for network marketing, like our webinar series. Make it a point for you and your team members to attend webinars to ensure you are learning and growing together. You can also provide your own educational videos and blogs to help your downline grow and stay with you to achieve that longevity.