Common Downline Questions

Building a downline can be tricky and come with some questions. That’s why we have answered some of our most frequent questions we receive about downlines and the breakdown in your Members Area. Check them out below as you navigate your Members Area Downline.

What do the different colors in my downline table mean?
Click the View Downline Legend button in your Members Area to see a detailed description of each account type.

Why are some accounts still listed as Trials after 7 days?
Accounts will only convert to “Active” status once we successfully secure payment from them. If our charge attempts for new accounts decline, they will remain in trial status until we are able to secure payment.

Why are several cells in my downline table blank?

We changed the information available in downlines to better protect the privacy of our affiliates. Contact information is now displayed for all affiliates in your Level 1 downline by default. If you move one of your new signups to a downline member, you will still see the contact info since you introduced the signup to GDI. Levels 2-5 of your downline do not display all information in order to respect individual privacy.Additionally, each affiliate has the ability to choose for themselves whether their personal information is displayed to their direct sponsor from within the Contact Preferences section of their account.

Will I still receive commissions for downline members with blank fields?
Of course you will! Nothing whatsoever has changed with the commission payout structure. This is purely a cosmetic change to better protect the privacy of all our affiliates. You will still receive commissions for active accounts in your downline.

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