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7 Marketing Myths

marketing myths

As a GDI affiliate, you are a member of the affiliate marketing world. This means that marketing is often the key to your success as an affiliate. However, marketing, much like sales and advertising can get a bad rap for being pushy or annoying. While marketing can be seen as unfriendly sometimes, the work that goes into marketing is anything but. As you build relationships, that’s marketing. When you share news with others interested in GDI, that’s marketing. When you teach others about GDI’s tools and plugins, that’s marketing. Marketing doesn’t have to be overwhelming to you or to others. Read our list of marketing myths and get comfortable with earning income in the world of marketing!


Many people think the only way to market is to pay for ads or to sign up for expensive email services. While those methods can be productive, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to be a successful marketer. Sites like Facebook and Twitter allow you to broadcast your marketing messages to many people at once for free, whether you’re promoting GDI or your own business. Creating videos and emails cost nothing more than your time. This is all marketing and it’s all free.

Time Consuming

Marketing does not have to be time consuming. Lots of marketing of GDI can actually be passive–meaning you don’t have to constantly work at it to see results. This kind of passive marketing can be in the form of helpful videos or informative blog posts. This content will live on your .WS website and can attract visitors without you spending hours promoting the content. Simply use the right keywords to drive traffic and link to your content on social media sites and visitors will see your videos and website without you doing extra work.


As you can see from the examples above, marketing doesn’t have to be confusing. You don’t need to worry about audience reach and retention or email timing or anything professional marketing firms worry about. You just need to create great content that is valuable to others. Add the right keywords and share in many places and you’re already doing powerful content marketing.

Need to Pay for Ad Space

Before social networks and easy to build websites, this was true. The only way to get your content in front of people was to pay for it. Now that’s not true. Find out where people are spending most of their time online. Is it Facebook? YouTube? Tumblr? Take advantage of these free networks and promote your content on them. You’re essentially sharing an “ad” for your business, but your visitors actually get something out of the “ad” (like learning how to use a plugin) and you didn’t have to pay for people to see it.

Need a Whole Team

GDI offers many opportunities to work with a team and succeed with others. However, you only need one person to start marketing. Identify your strengths, like web design or video editing, for example, and start creating content that uses those strengths. The information you share about web design or the videos you create are both content marketing and can be done by just one person.

Need to be Everywhere

Marketing is all about being where your intended audience is. So before you decide how you are going to market, find out where potential prospects and customers are. Are these people in your town or business community? Consider flyers or attending local meetings. Are these people online? Use social networking and websites to connect with them. There is no need to be any place that your intended audience isn’t.

Anyone Can Do It

This is a partial myth. Many people will attempt affiliate marketing, but some will fail. Often this is the result of  not putting enough time into marketing or cutting corners. If you produce quality content to market with and work on building relationships success is sure to follow.


Advertising Options for GDI Affiliates

newsupdateThere’s no need to pay for advertising with GDI to build your affiliate network. GDI offers marketing tools and services like the Marketing Kit, movies, replicated sites, and more. There’s also a number of free ways to share your business like social media and video sites. Still some affiliates do pay for advertising. To find out what form of advertising might work best for you, we’re sharing some of the options, free and paid, that many people use.

Outside of our banners and ads, these services are not included nor endorsed by GDI. You do not have to use any of these services, they are simply options if you would like to explore the idea of advertisements.

GDI Banners and Buttons

The banners offered in the SiteBuilder toolbox are a great addition to any website, whether you use SiteBuilder, WordPress or another service. The banners act as an advertisement for your GDI business. Each banner is customized to your account to ensure that when visitors click on a banner they will be redirected a to GDI promotional page with you as the sponsor, inviting them to learn more and submit their contact information. To add a banner to you SiteBuilder site navigate to your page editor then select Add on Page>Tools>Banners.

The buttons offered in the SiteBuilder tools can serve a variety of purposes. You can invite people to sign up right away with you as their sponsor, watch the movie or learn more with our different buttons offered. These buttons are powerful as they are bright and stand out from text, inviting people to click on learn more. To add a button to you SiteBuilder site navigate to your page editor then select Add on Page>Tools>Buttons. – See more at:

Google AdWords

Google offers many options for ads, allowing you to choose how you pay, when and where your ads are displayed and more. According to Google:

  • AdWords, Google‘s online advertising program, lets you reach new customers and grow your business.
  • Choose where your ad appears, set a budget you’re comfortable with, and measure the impact of your ad.
  • There’s no minimum spending commitment. You can pause or stop anytime.

Facebook Advertising

If you’d like to take your social media efforts farther and share GDI beyond your network, Facebook ads may be a good option. Facebook says, “Ads on Facebook are unique. They’re shown to specific groups of highly engaged people on desktop and mobile. When your ads have great creative content and are well targeted, they get more likes, comments and shares. When someone takes any of these actions, their friends may see your ad, making it more powerful.” Facebook offers pay per click or impression payments much like Google AdWords.

Affiliate Advertising: Yes or No?

affiliate advertisingWe have a few affiliates at GDI who swear by paid advertising as it works for them. But just because some people find success with advertising doesn’t mean it’s the only way to succeed. Before the internet gave us immediate access to everything we could ever want to know, advertising was one of the few ways a company, or individual could engage you. Thankfully, this is no longer true. Learn how and why you can grow your downline and income without advertising.

Invite, Don’t Interrupt


Advertisements tend to serve as a way or interrupting your current activity. Whether you’re distracted by a billboard while driving or your favorite show is broken up a by a noisy commercial, you’re being interrupted. As an affiliate marketer you should be working to invite people to your site, not interrupt them. Advertising’s style of interrupted is still very popular, but with the internet people can now get information about a business without being interrupted. They can simply search for it and you can invite these people to your site with the right content. This is beneficial because it attracts the right type of potential customer. When someone has the choice to see your message or not, the people who chose to see it are the ones you want to work with. Remember, content isn’t far removed from advertising, the difference is in the packaging. Content can be words, images, video, anything you use to get your message across. Now it is your job to ensure your content is inviting.

Lead with your Message

Content that is inviting is content that speaks for itself. This means that your content shouldn’t be an afterthought. Creating a website and then filling in content where it fits isn’t the best idea. Think of what you want your website to say, who you want to speak to, and what you want visitors to do. Then design your site around this. Remember that every little bit of text on your website is content. That includes your About Page, Contact Page, and more. Content should be short, to the point and honest. You should also keep in mind what people might be searching to find you. Do you want to attract people searching for “affiliate marketing work from home?” The use those words throughout your site in a well written way, don’t just put them anywhere you have space.