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Beginner Questions: Promote the Product or Affiliate Program?

affiliate programAre you a beginner and unsure what to do next to build income? First, you must identify what you want to promote: the affiliate income opportunity or GDI’s products. Here are a few steps to help you answer this question.

How well do you understand GDI’s product and services?

All of our members should understand the website hosting and email that GDI offers and better yet take advantage of it. But since we know this may not be the case for everyone, decide where you fall. Do you use a replicated site and have no interest in hosting? Well then you are someone who should be advertising the opportunity. It doesn’t make sense to try to explain and sell someone on something you aren’t using yourself.

If you are someone who takes advantage of GDI website hosting and know every in and out of the product, you are someone who should be selling the product. If you love the product people will be able to see that and want to get on board with it.

What kind of people do you work best with?

Do you work best with people who get really excited about a new idea or offering, or do you prefer to work with people who take a more analytical approach. A lot of this can be based on your own experience and is in no way a scientific fact, but try to take personality types into account when trying to get someone into your downline.

Someone who is very excitable and good at getting others excited, could be very good at selling the opportunity, and this is someone you may want to work with if you feel the same. Someone who takes a more calculated look at things may need a little more of a push could really benefit from being sold the product and explained the virtues of it in combination with the opportunity. Try to figure out the kind of people you want in your downline and it will help you decide what you should be selling.

What is your presentation style?

Your presentation style is a combination of the answers to the two questions. Try to mix your personality with what you know and you will be able to see what you are better at selling.

How about both?

You can follow the steps above to stick with selling either the product or the opportunity, or you could do both. Don’t limit yourself on only trying to sell one aspect of GDI, you have multiple selling points at your fingertips, so use this to your advantage. Get educated on the product, refine your pitch and decide what you want to sell on a person to person basis.

Our Current Bonuses

premium affiliateLearning Bonus

The Learning Bonus is a reward for taking the first steps to being successful with GDI. It’s a $25 bonus that affiliates can earn within their first two months with GDI. The steps are achievable and a step by step list can be found in your Members Area when eligible.

Duplication Bonus

The Duplication Bonus is designed to reward YOU for each new signup you have who completes their Learning Bonus. How it works is simple, once a sign up of yours completes their Learning Bonus, you will receive one checkmark towards your Duplication Bonus. Each signup that completes THEIR Learning Bonus earns YOU a checkmark. Once you have 10 checkmarks you will earn $250. The best part is that this bonus is UNLIMITED, you can earn $250 for every 10 directly referred signups who earn their GDI Learning Bonus.

Team Bonus

The bonus rewards a team of affiliates for the total number of signups they bring in during a set month. Each month teams are paid out a bonus of $250 per 25 signups with multipliers (up to triple!) available based on number of people in a team, number and distribution of referrals, and Premium referrals. Each team member with a referral gets an equal share of the payout.

Weekly Superstars Bonus

As premium user, you have the chance to earn of $100 bonuses each week by becoming a bonus superstar. You can do this by referring five new confirmed affiliates in a seven day contest period. This contest runs each and every week, and you can win as many times as you qualify, no limits! If you go as far as to refer 25 paid affiliate in one week, the rewards keep coming and you will earn and $500 for the weekly bonus contest

All bonuses are currently running and you can see your progress and eligibility for each one in the Members Area.

Interview with a GDI Affiliate

We often get requests for proof of people succeeding with GDI, and we assure that there are many. GDI has many successful affiliates and we like to showcase them when we have the chance. Below you’ll find an interview we did a while back with affiliate Mary Tomaszewski. Learn more about her below. If you would like to share your GDI story, leave us a note in the comments with your name and why.

How long have you been with GDI?

Since January 2010

What made you join GDI?

My Dad was seeing nice results; he had been doing other things online for several years, but then tested GDI, after not fully understanding the whole program in the past, and saw very nice results. So I needed extra income and always wanted my own business, so I jumped in with him. The low cost at $10/month is very affordable and in today’s economy, allows just about anyone a chance to start a home business.

conversationWhat is your relationship like with your sponsor?

Well, he’s my Dad as I mentioned and he helps everyone that he or I sponsor-that is one thing he taught me, to always help everyone as much as we can, no matter what level of ability they have, because that is how this business can grow for anyone that puts their mind to learning the business and how we market it. The business and product sells itself, all you need to do is learn how to get prospects then work with them until they are seeing results.

What one tip would you offer to someone just starting out?

Ask many questions to your sponsor. So many people will join, and maybe ask one or two questions, then they may drop off. My best recruits asked me many questions and I love to answer them all, to help someone possibly really change their life with a nice GDI  residual income. Also, trust in the company, their sponsor and especially in themselves that they found the very best online program around.

What do you think helped you most to get on the Leader Board?

We market 100% to the internet, using a team system that does a very nice job to explain the business and make sales, BUT the key to internet success is to learn how to get targeted traffic to the GDI offer. I feel learning and understanding how to build traffic is the key to online success, and GDI at a 7 day free trial and $10/month, is much easier to sell online than other maybe costlier programs/products in today’s economy. Also, MY work efforts  to build the traffic.. 🙂

What was your friends/family reaction when you told them you were joining GDI?

I’ll use my Dad’s situation because I followed him. Initially we didn’t think anything he did online could actually build and grow to a nice income…so the initial reaction was maybe skeptical. But then we saw how people stay on with GDI for many reasons beyond just a home business opportunity and  we knew he had something special, and now I do too.

How much time do you devote to GDI each week?

About 15 hours. Mostly helping new people get started and advertising, and replying to prospects questions.

When you’re not promoting GDI, what do you like to do?

I like music and like to sing and also hang out with friends.

What is/ was your profession?

I am a Senior Customer Service Rep for a local company. I am working GDI to initially add some extra income, and keep growing to replace my income.