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Interview with a GDI Affiliate

We often get requests for proof of people succeeding with GDI, and we assure that there are many. GDI has many successful affiliates and we like to showcase them when we have the chance. Below you’ll find an interview we did a while back with affiliate Mary Tomaszewski. Learn more about her below. If you would like to share your GDI story, leave us a note in the comments with your name and why.

How long have you been with GDI?

Since January 2010

What made you join GDI?

My Dad was seeing nice results; he had been doing other things online for several years, but then tested GDI, after not fully understanding the whole program in the past, and saw very nice results. So I needed extra income and always wanted my own business, so I jumped in with him. The low cost at $10/month is very affordable and in today’s economy, allows just about anyone a chance to start a home business.

conversationWhat is your relationship like with your sponsor?

Well, he’s my Dad as I mentioned and he helps everyone that he or I sponsor-that is one thing he taught me, to always help everyone as much as we can, no matter what level of ability they have, because that is how this business can grow for anyone that puts their mind to learning the business and how we market it. The business and product sells itself, all you need to do is learn how to get prospects then work with them until they are seeing results.

What one tip would you offer to someone just starting out?

Ask many questions to your sponsor. So many people will join, and maybe ask one or two questions, then they may drop off. My best recruits asked me many questions and I love to answer them all, to help someone possibly really change their life with a nice GDI  residual income. Also, trust in the company, their sponsor and especially in themselves that they found the very best online program around.

What do you think helped you most to get on the Leader Board?

We market 100% to the internet, using a team system that does a very nice job to explain the business and make sales, BUT the key to internet success is to learn how to get targeted traffic to the GDI offer. I feel learning and understanding how to build traffic is the key to online success, and GDI at a 7 day free trial and $10/month, is much easier to sell online than other maybe costlier programs/products in today’s economy. Also, MY work efforts  to build the traffic.. 🙂

What was your friends/family reaction when you told them you were joining GDI?

I’ll use my Dad’s situation because I followed him. Initially we didn’t think anything he did online could actually build and grow to a nice income…so the initial reaction was maybe skeptical. But then we saw how people stay on with GDI for many reasons beyond just a home business opportunity and  we knew he had something special, and now I do too.

How much time do you devote to GDI each week?

About 15 hours. Mostly helping new people get started and advertising, and replying to prospects questions.

When you’re not promoting GDI, what do you like to do?

I like music and like to sing and also hang out with friends.

What is/ was your profession?

I am a Senior Customer Service Rep for a local company. I am working GDI to initially add some extra income, and keep growing to replace my income.