Jan 242014

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Now that you’ve got your content down, it’s time to identify how you will leverage it. Goals for content can be shares, which spread your name and message, favorites which build credibility or email addresses which provide lead information. While shares can also result in more business, it has to come to you while you wait passively. With email addresses, you can directly follow up with viewers of your content to convert them to paying customers. To get email address, you can gate some of your content. This means requiring an email address, name and OK to receive messages from you in a contact form to gain access to your content. WordPress has some great contact form plugins with this functionality. See one HERE. Now someone has provided you with their lead information, and you’ve provided them with great content.

As a word of caution, don’t lock up all you content. Provide some great content on your website, but keep longer, more unique content locked behind the contact form. This way you provide information to interest people and ensure you’re only getting emails from the most engaged people.

Jan 222014

We’ve talked about content marketing quite a few times on this blog, so you know it’s something you should be doing. But do you know how to get started?news content

The first step is to find your audience, which will help you find your voice. Your voice is how you write: your tone, your style of writing and your punctuation just to name a few. Here are the first steps to take towards great content marketing.

Find Your Audience

Plain and simple, who are you creating content for? If you’re creating content to support your business, think of your ideal customer. Who are they? What are their interests? These are thing to be aware of with each piece of content you create. You can also find your audience by deciding what your goals are for each piece of content. Do you want some to submit an email address to learn more? Share with their friends? You should create a document with the answers to these questions to guide you as your write.

Find Your Voice

Now that you know your audience, it’s time to write for them. If your audience is short on time, be aware of that when you lay out your content. Is your audience curious to learn more? Then consider gated informational content. Think like your audience, and then write for them. This will develop your voice. Maintaining this voice throughout your content will help your audience know what to expect and ensure you’re attracting the right people for your goals.

Jan 132014

Many teams still worked hard over the holiday season as the GDI Team Bonus had five teams win for December. December’s bonus saw one first time team winner and big payouts all around. Read on for how the winnings break down. As you read on, you’ll see the size of your team may have little to do with your success. We saw big numbers from small and large teams alike.

If you want to win the Team Bonus, get started now. January’s contest is in full swing. To learn more about getting started, read our post on it HERE.

Total Payout: $5,625.00

Total Multipliers: 6.75

Number of Teams Awarded the Bonus: 5

Teams Who Won a Bonus: 21Millionaire, GDI Website Leaders, , GDI Team 1, Team HOPE and WS Profits

Biggest Team Payout: $2625.00 to 21Millionare

Smallest Team Payout: $250.00 to WS Profits and Team HOPE

Team Size of Biggest Winner: 1195

Number of Sign Ups: 189

                Qualified Team Members: 85 qualified members earned share of bonus

Team Size of Smallest Winner: 38

Number of Sign Ups: 104

                Qualified Team Members: 17 qualified members earned bonus

Our Team Bonus competition for January is already running. Be sure to work towards the bonus this month of join or create a team for January. Learn how HERE.