Mar 302014

Your upline should be your first line of support at GDI. While you might not need their help just yet, it is important to have the best contact information as well as open the lines of communication. Reach out to your upline with a quick hello and any questions you may have to start. Once they reply, you will feel more comfortable reaching out in the future when you do need help.

EmailSSTo Get Started:

Log in to your Members Area and click Upline on the left-hand side navigation. Here you will see the contact information for your upline including: first and last name, the user ID, email, phone, city, state, country and level of your upline members. Reach out right away by email or phone to ensure the contact information is up to date.

Aug 192013

why gdiWhat is a call to action?

A call to action is what you asking someone else to do. This someone can be a visitor to you website, and email recipient or anyone you interact with in some way. The call to action can be a banner, a button, an ad or a contact form. Another example of this might be asking someone to share their email address, submit a comment or share your website on social media. The call to action to be simple and straight forward. Ask people directly to commit a certain action.

How can I benefit?

Your biggest benefit is information and permission. When someone gives you information as a result of a call to action, you are getting permission to follow up with them.

A common call to action is asking someone to submit their email through you website to learn more. With the email you have a new contact and a new lead.

The best call to action is one that is direct. This direct approach will give you the kind of information you need, as opposed to digging through information to find it. Create a call to action for your site by adding a contact form or button that links to documentation visitors can download to learn more. Create a call to action with you blog post by asking readers a specific question. Your call to action should instruct readers or visitors to do something so that you can create a connection and build your network.

Do you have a call to action on your WebSite?*

*This is a call to action to submit a comment. Comment submissions require an email address, giving you a great lead.

Jul 152013

By now you’ve probably heard all about our Duplication Bonus that rewards you for growing your team, but do you know what duplication is? Here’s what it is and how it can benefit you.

What is Duplication?

When it comes to marketing your GDI opportunity and gaining new sign ups, duplication means simple and repeatable.  It means that if you truly want to grow your downline and business that the way you market the opportunity has to be easy to understand and easy for those you sign up to recreate and get new sign ups themselves. That’s why when 10 of your new downline members earn the Learning Bonus, you qualify for the Duplication Bonus. It’s a repeatable and educational way to grow your business. Aside from the bonuses, a great way that duplication can be achieved is by sharing the 7 minute movie, sharing some simple facts about GDI along with your favorite features or sharing GDI’s newest interview on Moving America Forward. It doesn’t take too much effort for your downline to share these pages to get others interested and signed up. Then your new downline members can do the same thing to grown their downline. This all adds up to duplication.


Why It’s Beneficial

It may take a little time to figure out your best duplication system, but once you do it will make your work that much easier. Duplication is beneficial because it gives those around you the simple tools to excel with GDI. Find a way of marketing that works for you, that is simple, direct and can be done by anyone, then allow your new team members to use the same marketing duplication system to build both of your downlines. So get started on a simple and duplicable marketing strategy today!